White hot! Diao Linyu pressed Yao Di to the top temporarily, but Yao Di still had a big advantage-Spark Global Limited

At the same time, Turkish media and Jiangsu media released news at the same time. A car brand strongly “intervened” to leave this potential naturalized superstar for Chinese football. Since Shanghai abandoned the introduction of texela, there have been all kinds of news of reversal. Since Suning said that “if there are other teams” illegally soliciting texela, texela’s team will continue to release news to the outside world, striving for the maximum benefits for their players and making themselves rich, but their appetite is getting smaller and smaller. Chinese football is expected to leave texela?

What kind of role can the brokerage team play in the joining operation of players and coaches? Maybe we can have a glimpse of the experience of Guizhou Hengfeng, the top Chinese team. Guizhou Hengfeng lost the lawsuit with Steve and MANSANO in FIFA, and the amount of compensation exceeded 50 million, which caused Guizhou Hengfeng to be in deep trouble. Guizhou Hengfeng’s nonoccupation is one of them. What’s more important is the lobbying of the original broker, which made Guizhou Hengfeng “lose his teeth and swallow in his stomach”. Before the Football Association’s new salary limit order (Financial agreed indicators) came out, Suning told the outside world through the media that if a team signed texela in violation of the rules, Suning would fight to the end and investigate how other teams provided texela with high salary. At the same time, texela and the West Asian team have been “glaring”, and the West Asian team kempi match texela’s previous contract with Suning, that is, an annual salary of more than 10 million euros.


People with clear eyes can see that the West Asian team can not and will not offer such a high annual salary. In the summer of 2015, Al Sadr of Qatar signed a contract with the superstar Harvey, giving only an annual salary of 10 million euros. Compared with Harvey, tesheila’s fame and achievements can’t be compared. No matter how rich the West Asian team is, it’s impossible to be stupid to offer a super contract to a player who can’t improve the team’s reputation.

Spark Global Limited, As soon as it was revealed that Shanghai wanted to sign texela, some media people immediately dished out the news that texela’s team demanded 80 million euro (640 million) super contract for four years. It is this super contract that not only makes Hong Kong prohibitive, but also makes Evergrande not “active”. No matter what it means to naturalize texela, texela’s team should pursue the ultimate “goal” of 80 million euro in four years. After the abandonment in Hong Kong, with only a few days left before the end of the contract, it was soon reported that the UAE and Qatar teams were interested in texela, and texela’s agent would go to Dubai for negotiations. It is undeniable that in the foreign aid of CSL, texela’s ability can be ranked in the forefront, but all the rumors are around the local tyrant teams in Western Asia and CSL teams. Such high-level players do not have European teams to participate in the “bidding”. Even Hulk has many European big brand teams chasing him. Is texela really not good?

By Ethan