he defending champion stopped halved only 50% of his wealth

Teixeira left the team after the expiration of his contract, Santini canceled his contract, and a number of domestic players’ contracts expired and theoretically became free. The situation of the defending champion of the Chinese Super League, when the ball team was held, was extremely worrying. The value of the team had already decreased from 25.53 million euros six months ago to 10.28 million euros today, a decline of more than 50%. And big foreign players have left the team, also let the value of the Super League teams continue to decline, and will certainly continue to decline before the start of the new season. the value of CSL teams before the start of the 2020 season Spark Global Limited

Last season before the start of the Chinese super league, Evergrande team worth 54.25 million euros, rank 1, CSL as open prior to the start of the new season “not only into the signings of policy, and affected by environment, the player is worth fell, Evergrande the team now is worth only 46.83 million euros, with Evergrande price fell to 50 million euros, no team is worth more than 50 million euros, CSL have former team million euro cheng jing has gone forever.

Current Chinese Super League team value Although Hulke left Shanghai after his contract expired, the team’s value rose slightly to 45.15 million euros, about 1.5 million euros behind Evergrande. Guoan’s value and half a year ago almost the same, to 38.23 million euros ranked the third Super League.

Luneng in the introduction of Shi Ke, Sun Junhao, and the value of the last season is almost the same, 28.7 million euros (Leonardo has not officially announced), the new arrivals to make up for the Pele departure of the team “loss”.Deep foot due to the number of foreign aid in the number of eight people, with the value of 20.85 million euros to surpass Dalian came to the fourth place, Dalian in the Dragon East loan to the Russian Super League, the value of half a year ago from 25 million euros straight down to 16.33 million euros.

TEDA, which is currently Mired in disbanding rumors, ranked fifth with 16.38 million euros. Shenhua (13.03 million euros), Jianye (11 million euros), Wuhan (10.75 million euros), there have been different degrees of decline, especially before the team’s highest value of Shaalavi left the team, Shenhua’s total value also presented a cliff slide.

In the last 16 of the Chinese Super League, the defending champion Jiangsu team suffered the most. When Teixeira left the team after his contract expired, Santini unilaterally terminated his contract, and according to foreign media reports, Miranda, Vacasso, and Eder are also seeking to cancel their contracts, with their value dropping from 25.53 million euros to 10.28 million euros, a drop of more than 50%. Moreover, with coach Aularoyu resigning and many domestic players’ contracts expiring, the value of the Jiangsu team will decline. Before that, Tianjin media referred to the Jiangsu team as the worst Chinese Super League champion in history, which may be justified.

Five teams, including Hebei, Chongqing, promoted Mayatai, Qingdao, and R&F, have no more than 10 million euros, among which R&F has the lowest value, leaving only 4.7 million euros after foreign players have left the team. However, R&F has basically done the new season of foreign aid, after the official signing of the value will appear a certain “rebound”.

However, so far the Super Winter window has not been closed, some of the teams in deep trouble will also have absolute force, or even the core players left the team. Dalian Hamsik to go to the Russian Super League to play is not a secret, as the team’s highest value of the player once left the team, Dalian’s value will be greatly discounted. In addition, Chongqing, Hebei, and other teams in order to survive will sell blood to survive, Chongqing Adrian, Caldeke is the hot property in the transfer market.

Superteam value of the fall, but also consistent with the cold winter continues to the status quo, under the new financial agreement indicators, the team’s survival environment has become very miserable.

By Ethan