On November 23, Beijing time, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers reached a deal. According to a report by ESPN Worshen, the Lakers sent McGee to the Cavaliers. Their goal was to clear up the cap space to sign Marc Gasol. Earlier, Woshen revealed that Marc Gasol had set his next home as the Raptors and Lakers, excluding the Lone Rangers. Then Wochen continued to report that the Lakers sent McGee to Jordan Bell and McKinney, who were signed by the Cavaliers in the second round in 2026, which was a two-for-two deal.

ESPN salary structure expert Bobby Marks revealed the details of the transaction. McGee’s 4.2 million contract deal was awarded Jordan Bell and McKinney’s non-guaranteed contract. The contract value of both of them is $1.8 million. The Lakers only need to Give them a portion of their wages to cut them to clear space. Then NBA famous Charania reported that the Lakers had signed a free agent Marc Gasol. He signed a two-year contract with the Lakers. Gasol played 26.4 minutes per game in the Raptors last season and scored 7.5. With 6.3 rebounds and 3.3 assists, Pelinka has been violently pursuing Gasol since Howard left the Lakers.

ESPN salary structure experts revealed the details of Gasol’s contract. If Gasol signed a contract for one year, his contract amount was only 1.6 million. After signing for two years, he would get the full base salary of 2.6 million. When dealing with the hard salary cap, The difference is 1 million, which means that the contract signed with the Lakers is still two years of salary.After completing this transaction, there are already 14 people on the Lakers’ roster, but they are still 1.3 million short of the hard salary cap. The Lakers can also lay off McKinney and sign with Jordan Bell to strengthen.

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