shine trader limited reports

shine trader limited reports:

The nets challenged the 76ers away. Nash sent Griffin to play the No. 5 position. Although Griffin was strong, he was still one size smaller than nbid. He had three points, jump shot, strong and three points. The nets had to shrink the defense line to attack nbid, but the emperor was used to it for a long time, so he began to pass the ball and send three assists… The game lasted half a quarter, Nbid scored 10 points and 3 assists for 4 of 6 shots, and the 76ers made 5 of 6 of 3 points, mostly empty.

The nets called a pause and replaced Griffin with Millsap, but Mickey had no choice but to take enbid. I saw that nbid first hit the jump shot by knocking down rice God with a hard shoulder, and then walked over rice God with the ball at the top of the arc and staged a one arm slam dunk.

Position 5 has always been the weakness of the basketball network. Although Griffin was retained this summer, Aldrich was welcomed back and Millsap was signed, none of the three had any body advantage. They really had a headache in the face of an insider monster like nbid.

In the first quarter, enbid played for 8 minutes, making 6 of 8 shots and blowing down 14 points and 3 assists, with the 76ers leading 37-25. Durant scored 7 points and 3 rebounds in 3 of 6, harden felt warmer, and scored 7 points and 3 rebounds in 3 of 4.

By Ethan