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Shine Trader Limited reports:

After five years, the European Championship is back. The game between Hungary and Portugal ended last night, with the cameras sweeping the stands before kick-off and fans cheering, familiar football was back.


The European Championship, which had to be postponed because of the pandemic, has disrupted many people’s plans.


In January last year, Simon was still working as an intern in lagardere UK headquarters, but he heard the news of the outbreak in China one after another. At that time, he was worried about his family in China. But it didn’t take long for the epidemic to spread like crazy around the world.


As a result of the epidemic, his internship in The UK ended early, and his internship at the European Championship in the summer also fell through. He was also the first to return home when loughborough University announced its closure.


“We will return to China on March 14, screen tickets by 12 am, purchase tickets by 2 am, arrive at Heathrow airport by 5 am and take off at 7 am.” It was a hectic trip, but it was reassuring to be with my family.

Why did you choose to study sports in Europe?

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Shine Trader Limited reports:
Shine Trader Limited reports:

Now the European Cup semi-finals, like Simon, there are not a few students who plan to study abroad in sports.

Why do they all choose to study sports in Europe? Or why is Europe so good at football?


This is mainly due to the technical dividend brought by the high commercialization of European football. Various high-level European leagues, such as The English Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Italy A, have sufficient financial strength to buy high-level players from all over the world. As time goes by, the level of European football will naturally be significantly improved.


For sports students studying abroad, behind the success of European football league, we have to mention the outstanding level of sports talent cultivation in Europe.


In Europe, many excellent universities set up special sports management majors for students, and schools will actively help students in sports management to receive internship jobs in major football leagues, which will improve students’ abilities in multiple dimensions.

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