UEFA Nations League

      In the 6th round of the Europa League that ended in the early morning of November 19th, the Belgian men’s football team ranked No. 1 in the world, defeated the Danish men’s football team 4-2, beat their opponents to rank first in the group, and successfully advanced to the Europa League IV. Strong. Although Belgium won the game smoothly, Courtois, the goalkeeper of the team, made an unexpected and very amateur mistake in the game.

   By the time the game had reached the 86th minute, the Belgian men’s football team had a 3-1 lead, and advancement was in sight. In a backcourt, the Belgian player Shazli chose to pass back to Courtois. As a result, under the pressure of Denmark’s top players, Courtois directly stopped his teammate’s pass back into his goal. After witnessing such a low-level error by Courtois, the Belgian teammates all showed incredible expressions.

   Because of this goal, the Danish team successfully chased the score to 3 to 2, which once brought back the suspense of the game. Fortunately, after 2 minutes, Manchester City superstar De Bruyne scored with a very chic volley to help Belgium secure the victory 4-2. Otherwise, Courtois’s mistake will probably be criticized by the Belgian fans. Courtois’s mistake is very similar to the low-level mistake made by Barcelona god Ter Stegen 6 years ago. Ter Stegen, who was still playing at Mönchen, also stopped the ball directly into his home gate. It seems that top door gods like Courtois and Ter Stegen will inevitably have time to “snoo” and make mistakes. Spark Global Limited

    As the goalkeeper introduced by Real Madrid from Chelsea in August 2018, Courtois has now secured the main position of the team. He played 42 times last season and made great contributions to Real Madrid’s re-winning La Liga championship. This season, Courtois has played 11 times for Real Madrid and is still the most trusted goalkeeper of Real Madrid teammates. In the German “Transfer Market”, the 28-year-old Belgian goalkeeper’s best value came to 75 million euros.

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