The Tokyo Olympic Games will kick off from July 23, 2010 to August 8, 2021. For China, this is another strong attack! Three spheres, Chinese women hold up a day. If the gold medal is not an accident, it still comes from six strengths.

Three big ball –

Volleyball: Chinese women’s volleyball look to defend their title

Women’s volleyball games is perhaps the most worthy of the people concern, Chinese women’s volleyball team group stage opponents are not weak, including the United States, Italy, Russia, Turkey, and Argentina, however, have to say that the Chinese women’s volleyball team a true test of the knockout, once in the knockout, Chinese women’s volleyball team as long as the play three games will be able to win, is actually three main rivals, Serbia, Italy and the United States. All the other teams were a bit inferior. If the Chinese women’s volleyball team can defend its title, it will make a new history — the first time the team has defended its title in the Olympic Games.

It was Lang Ping’s last competition before retiring and Zhu’s first Olympics as captain. Will Lang Ping be able to finish her career with a bang? Can Zhu Ting defend her MVP title and become the most successful women’s volleyball player of all time? These are all interesting points.

Chinese Women’s Volleyball Group Match Schedule:

China VS Turkey, 15:25, July 25

China vs. USA, July 27, 10:05

China VS Russia at 15:25 on July 29

China VS Italy at 20:45 on July 31

China v Argentina, 15:25, 2 August

Soccer: China’s women’s team advanced from the target group

This time the Olympic Games football match, the Chinese team is still the women’s football, the absence of the men’s football. Women’s football, Jia Xiuquan guidance set off a youth storm, many before the main absence. According to the schedule, China will be the first Chinese team to play in Group F with Brazil, Zambia and the Netherlands on July 21. The Chinese women’s team will have to beat Zambia against two strong opponents and one weak one. They will have to fight unbeaten against Brazil and the World Cup runners-up Netherlands. The overall goal is to advance to the group stage. According to the competition system, the top two teams with the best results and the two teams with the best results will advance to the knockout round.

On the men’s side, Spain, which has recently reached the last four of the European Championships, are led by Unay Simon, Pedri, Olmo, Paolo Torres and Oyasaval. Pedri alone is worth $70 million, the highest of the 16 teams, and the entire team is worth $546 million, which is comparable to the total worth of some of the biggest adult teams. Japan is the host country and is expected to compete for MEDALS and even aim for the title.

Chinese Women’s Football Group Match Schedule:

China VS Brazil, July 21 at 16:00

China VS Zambia, 24 July, 16:00

China VS the Netherlands at 19:30 on July 27

Olympic men’s football group stage highlights:

Brazil VS Germany, 22 July, 19:30

Spain VS Argentina, 28 July, 19:00

France VS Japan, July 28, 19:30

Basketball: Can the US win the championship?

At the Rio Olympics, the Chinese women’s basketball team finished 10th, the worst result in recent Olympics. But in recent years, China’s women’s basketball team has been on the rise, stunning the world’s No. 3 Spain in an Olympic qualifier. In this competition, the Chinese women’s basketball team’s opponent level in the group stage is actually not very strong, and Puerto Rico, Belgium and Australia are in a group, the advance is in sight.

The Chinese women’s basketball team also has a goal, that is a three-man basketball impact medal. As the 2019 Trio Basketball World Cup champion, China’s women’s basketball team has attracted much attention. Also worth looking forward to is the performance of the Chinese men’s basketball team in three-man basketball, which can more or less make up for the absence of the men’s basketball team in futsal.

Of course, perhaps the biggest focus of basketball is futsal basketball. The U.S. men’s basketball team, led by Kevin Durant, has won 15 Olympic gold MEDALS, but it’s not a sure bet that the U.S. will win the tournament after a poor warm-up. Australia, Spain, Nigeria and France are all contenders.

Chinese Women’s Basketball Group Match Schedule:

China vs. Puerto Rico, July 27 at 20

China VS Australia, July 30 at 20:00

China VS Belgium, August 2, 17:15

USA Men’s Basketball Tournament Schedule:

USA vs. France, July 25, 20 p.m

United States vs. Iran, July 28, 12:40 p.m

The United States vs. the Czech Republic, July 31 at 20:00

Gold medal holders —

Athletics: 100 meters flying man war detonated eyeball

China has a good shot at gold in a number of track and field events, with Gong Lijiao, a 32-year-old veteran of four Olympic dynasties, facing few rivals in Tokyo and a strong chance of winning the women’s shot put title. Defending champion Liu Hong and world record holder Yang Jiayu dominated the women’s 20km race walk. Chinese team Wang Kaihua, Cai Zelin and Zhang Jun will be aiming for a third consecutive title in the men’s 20km race walk. The men’s 4x100m relay will also be in the spotlight, while Lv Huihui and Liu Shiying will team up in the women’s javelin with medal hopes.

One of the most notable events of the Olympics is undoubtedly the 100-meter race. The 100 meters represent the limit of human speed, and the 32-year-old Su is aiming to reach the final. Su’s best time this season is 9.98 seconds, giving him a chance to reach the final. Of course, the current men’s 100 meters into the era of competition, even if Bolt retired, Coleman was banned, we can still look forward to good results, Bromell, De Grasse and other people have the hope to achieve good results.

Men’s 100m Time:

Heats: July 31 18:45

Semi-final: August 1, 18:15

Final: August 1, 20:50

Men’s 4x100m relay heats: 10:30 on 5 August

Men’s 4x100m relay final time: 21:50 on 6 August

Swimming: China hopes for new breakthroughs in the post-Sun Yang era

As a large number of Olympic gold medal, swimming competition is also worth looking forward to. Zhang Yufei holds the second best record in the world with 100 butterflies this year and has the potential to win gold at the Tokyo Olympic Games. In addition, Zhang Yufei’s 200 butterfly time of 2:05.44 this year is also the world’s best time this year. Zhang will also team up with Xu Jiayu, Yan Zibei and Junxuan Yeung in the 4×100m medley relay, which broke the world record last year. Of course, Xu Jiayu’s 100 meters elevation performance is also worth looking forward to. Finally, let’s not forget Xin Xin, who won the women’s 10km event in 1 hour, 54 minutes, 47.20 seconds to give China swimming’s first world open water gold medal.

In other events, the Chinese team also expected good results, but the European and American competitors were stronger, and the multi-gold medal swimming this time was also a big attraction. In addition, in the post-Sun Yang era, we will also focus on who will be the top winner between 200 and 400.

Grand Match Time

July 26: Zhang Yufei 100 meters butterfly

July 27: Xu Jiayu 100m

July 29: Zhang Yufei 200 meters butterfly

July 31:4x100m medley relay for men and women

August 4: Xin Xin Women’s 10 km

China six gold medal big household —

Shooting: Focus on the first gold

In the past eight Olympics, the Chinese shooting team has won the first gold for the Chinese delegation five times, and this time, Yang Qian and Wang Luyao are looking to bring the first gold for China again. On the morning of July 24, the women’s 10-meter air rifle competition was worth watching. Apart from the two gold medal winners, Pang Wei, a 35-year-old veteran who is competing in his fourth Olympic Games, is also a major concern. The Chinese shooting team has six people born after 2000, including 16-year-old Sheng Lihao.

Pay attention to the first gold medal of women’s 10m air rifle on the morning of July 24th

Weightlifting: Eight world championships

The Chinese weightlifting team is also the eighth champion of the world weightlifting team. Are Li Fabin (where the men’s 61 – kilogram), ChenLiJun (men’s 67 – kilogram), zhiyong shi (men’s 73 – kilogram), xiao-jun (men’s 81 – kilogram), Hou Zhihui 49 kg (woman), Liao Qiuyun woman (55 kg), Wang Zhou rain (the women’s 87 – kilogram), wen-wen li (up to the women’s 87 kg), if really well, China is expected to compete in all eight gold MEDALS.

July 24: Hou Zhihui

July 25: Li Fabin and Chen Lijun

July 26: Liao Qiuyun

July 28: Shi Zhiyong

July 31: Lv Xiaojun

August 2: Wang Zhouyu and Li Wenwen

Table tennis: China Ping hopes to sweep 5 gold MEDALS

This time the country table tennis in Tokyo Olympic Games, opponents are not many, Liu Guoliang said in an interview, the Olympic Games “three for four fight five” goal unchanged. However, no accident, China Ping still have a chance to impact all 5 gold, because the advantages of men’s and women’s groups are obvious, men’s singles have no super opponent, women’s singles although Ito Meicheng threat is not small, but Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha double insurance is relatively stable. As for the mixed doubles, Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen can’t lose a single match, but they have proved they can do it in all their previous foreign matches.

Mixed doubles final: July 26

Women’s final: July 29

Men’s final: July 30

Women’s team final: August 5

Men’s team final: August 6

Badminton: China’s men’s singles champion is hard to contend for

Guo Yu and the country table tennis situation is different, only mixed doubles hope big, Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong, Wang Yilu/Huang Dongping is double insurance, the other 4 projects, women’s singles Chen Yufei Olympic points ranked first hope, men’s doubles did not take the full quota, women’s doubles and can not suppress Japan are suspicious. As for the most popular men’s singles, Chen Long and Shi Yuqi go where is not a surprise, Momoda Kendou has the advantage of the home field, is the biggest men’s singles favorite.

Mixed doubles final: July 30

Men’s doubles final: July 31

Women’s final: Aug 1

Men’s singles and women’s doubles finals: Aug 2

Diving: Can the Dream Team sweep all eight gold MEDALS?

China’s diving dream team’s impact do again, bring together the three generations of world champion collectively to the gold medal, ShiTingMao, cao yuan, Chen Yisen is Rio DE janeiro Olympic champion, deserves more attention is Chen taro sunseeker, chia-chi chang, Wang Zongyuan, full red chan and other youngsters, full red chan is 14 years old to become the Chinese Olympic delegation’s youngest player.

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