After the Chinese Super League final match, Evergrande’s foreign aid Park Zhizhu made a surprising move. He walked to the fan area and paid a military salute to the Evergrande fans present. This process took a full 1 minute. Afterward, many famous accounts also revealed that this will be Park Zhizhu’s last Chinese Super League. After this year’s AFC Champions League, he will return to South Korea to serve in the military. It can be said that Evergrande’s first player to leave the team has been advanced. determine.

    According to the famous football player Nao Won, the next step for Park Ji-soo after returning to China is already being planned. According to the regulations of the Korean Football Association, every professional player must play in the K-League team for half a year before going to serve in the military. In order to be transferred to the military team Sangju Sangmu. So this time, Park Ji-soo chose to join the K-League giant Ulsan Hyundai first, and will not officially join Sangju Sangmu until July next year.

    A similar operation appeared on the overseas supporter Jingyuan the day before yesterday. He left the Super League last summer and joined Jeonbuk Hyundai first. He did not officially join Sangju Sangmu until the beginning of this year. Although he is a military team without foreign aid, However, Sangju Sangmu’s performance last season was very good and he entered the K-League, championship group. Unfortunately, he was forced to be demoted because the team had to change their home court, and Kwon Kyung-won was able to continue playing for the South Korean national team. This means that next year Park Zhi-soo will play for Ulsan Hyundai, runner-up in the K-League, and then play for the K2 team. For a South Korean international, this gap is indeed a bit big.

     Park Zhizhu decided to leave early and gave Evergrande more room to introduce new foreign aid. It is reported that this season’s K-League MVP Sun Jun-ho is expected to come to the Super League. If he is willing to play in China, he will undoubtedly become an important target for Evergrande’s signings. . This season, he scored 3 goals and 7 assists in the K-League, which is the absolute core of the team. As an offensive and defensive midfielder, he can perfectly solve the problem of Zheng Zhi’s successor. As for the candidate to fill Park Zhizhu’s defensive central defender, Mei Fang could be the main force originally, and Gao Zhunyi and others can also play central defender. It is indeed a good choice for Evergrande to introduce Sun Junho.Spark Global Limited

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