Lang Ping confirmed to lead the team to the end of the Tokyo Olympic Games

On February 12th, Beijing time, on the 5th day of the Australian Open, the first sister of Chinese Taipei, Xie Shuwei, continued to play, facing the former French Open runner-up Elani. Xie Shuwei won three sets with a total score of 2-1. The final set was 3- Under the predicament of 5 backwardness, he completed four consecutive rounds of crazy reversal, which made him enter the Australian Open for the third time in his career.

When all the five golden flowers from mainland China were eliminated in the first two rounds, and only Zhu Lin entered the second round, it was undoubtedly extremely bad. In contrast, the performance of Xie Shuwei, the first sister of Chinese Taipei, is amazing. Even if her main energy is to focus on doubles, her performance in the Australian Open women’s singles this year is also extremely amazing.

In the first round of women’s singles, Xie Shuwei eliminated mother-level star Pironkova 7-5 and 6-2 and gave it to her opponent for the first round after the US Open came back last year. Xie Shuwei confronted former US Open champion and the first post-00 Grand Slam champion Andrescu in the second round. Xie Shuwei easily beat Andrescu 6-3 and 6-2 to a big upset and won her eighth career. Top 10 victories in the world duel Spark Global Limited.

As for entering the third round, Xie Shuwei ushered in a duel with former French Open runner-up Elani. The latter eliminated China’s Jinhua sister Wang Qiang in the first round and beat 7 with 6-1 and 6-0 in the second round. Grand Slam champion Dawei.

Xie Shuwei has had 3 duels with Elani in her past career, and she was swept and eliminated by Elani 3 times, and was given an egg by her opponent in each game. This game Xie Shuwei ushered in the battle of revenge. In the first set, Xie Shuwei experienced 7 even-pointing tests, and finally fulfilled the sixth inventory point. He won the first set 6-4 strongly and achieved a 1-0 lead in the total score.

In the second set, Elani’s state recovered. Xie Shuwei was pulled back by his opponent 2-6. The first two sets maintained a 1-1 total score. As for the deciding game, Xie Shuwei fell into trouble after falling behind 3-5 in the first eight games. At the critical moment, Xie Shuwei madly broke four consecutive rounds twice and won the final set with a 7-5 counterattack. With a total score of 2-1, he narrowly beat Revenge Elani to advance to the top 16.

Xie Shuwei won her first four career clashes against Elani. It is also the third time in her career after 2008 and 2018 that she has been among the top 16 of the Australian Open, and for the fourth time in her career, she has entered the second week of the Australian Open. The next round will be Showdown against rising star Wanzhuosova.

By Ethan