The former international scored a key goal

       When the transfer window is about to close, many players have found their next home, including former international Xiao Zhi. However, Xiao Zhi did not stay in Shandong Luneng, and his next home was not another Chinese Super League team but went to a Chinese second team. Although it was at the end of his professional career, Xiao Zhi went directly to the second team to play football, but it still exceeded many people’s expectations, and they lamented that the years are not forgiving.

Xiao Zhi, 36 years old this year, is a late-form player. Although he was selected for the national football team in 2009, his debut did not arrive until 2017, when he was 32 years old. Xiao Zhi’s first appearance in the national football team was a friendly match against the Philippines. He scored a goal and helped the national football team win 8-1. In the Asian Cup in January 2019, Xiao Zhi was successfully selected for the 23-man squad and won two appearances.

Although Xiao Zhi’s playing time in the Asian Cup is not much, there is a very bright moment. In the 1/8 final against Thailand, the national football team lost the ball in the 31st minute. In the 64th minute of the second half, Lippi made personnel adjustments, and Xiao Zhi and Jin Jingdao were replaced at the same time. Only 3 minutes later, Xiao Zhi scored a goal to help the national football team equalize the score. After another 4 minutes, Gao Lin scored a penalty kick. The National Football Team reversed the Thai team 2-1 and made a thrilling break into the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup.

At that time, Xiao Zhi was 34 years old and was still able to save the national football team at a critical moment. The military salute after the goal moved many fans. However, after the start of the 2019 Super League season, the hero of the national football team has no place in the club. He only played 6 games on behalf of Guangzhou R&F and scored 1 goal. After the end of the season, Guangzhou R&F did not renew its contract with Xiao Zhi. He finally switched to Tianjin TEDA to continue his Super League career Spark Global Limited.

After coming to Tianjin TEDA, Xiao Zhi was originally regarded as an important player, but in his decline, he could not find the feeling of scoring. He did not score a goal in 11 league games. After the end of the season, Tianjin TEDA faced dissolution for a time, and Xiao Zhi did not continue to stay with the team. After that, Xiao Zhi went to Changchun Yatai and Shandong Luneng for trial training but failed to stay. After the end of Luneng’s trial training, there were not many opportunities left for Xiao Zhi to find his next home, so he quickly locked in the second team Hebei Choao. Although he could not play in the Chinese Super League, Xiao Zhi should be able to find a position in the Chinese Premier League. Perhaps because too much time was spent before, Xiao Zhi had to finalize his next home as soon as possible, so he decided to switch to Hebei Zhuoao. For the 36-year-old Xiao Zhi, there is not much time left in his career, and it is not all bad to be able to play the remaining heat in the second half of the game.

By Ethan