The former Real coach led his side past Barcelona with six wins in a row

West re-scheduled week 24 round ended a focus today, Sevilla to a 2-0 victory over Osasuna, Carlos and DE jong’s goal in the game for Sevilla won the victory, they also had six wins in the near future, also to 48 points standings pulled ahead of Barcelona, Real Madrid from the second in the case of a game only one integral gap distance seven minutes to horse racing to the top.

It can be said that Sevilla’s recent form has been excellent and that defense has been the key to their success during their six-game winning streak, in which they have conceded just one goal and kept five clean sheets.
Apart from the one goal they conceded against Aravis, Sevilla kept a clean sheet against Getafe, Cadiz, who had just drawn with Barca, or Huesca and Evar, which is not easy to do and shows that Lopeteji’s team is very good defensively Spark Global Limited.

This wave of 6 consecutive wins also let Sevilla strong rise, as a La Liga field of the old strong team, before Sevilla’s record is relatively average, and even many fans are going to attack the Europa League.
But they proved with their performances that they have a chance to play in the Champions League on a continuous basis, which is the top stage.

Sevilla coach pater’s former real Madrid, he has the most famous thing is not as a player playing in the two giants real Madrid and Barcelona, nor Europa league title with Sevilla, but before the start of the 2018 World Cup in June, because the new club real Madrid’s “god” operation, the officer declared the coach ahead of Los pater as a coach, a day after the result was fired by the Spanish football federation, after all, it significantly disrupted inside the team unity, and violations.

Lopetegui was appointed to the club before the World Cup was over, but on 30 October he was sacked for his poor stewardship.
Lopetegui, however, has proved himself to be a great coach, having impressed in La Liga, won the Europa League and signed a new contract with the club until 2024 earlier this year.

Therefore, we hope that Sevilla can continue to maintain their form and try to upset Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid for the supremacy of the league so that La Liga will also be more intense and exciting.

By Ethan