The Grand Paris

     At 4 o’clock in the morning, Paris played against the underdog Nantes at home in the French League. As a result, the team was reversed 2-1 by Draxler and the biggest upset this weekend broke out. Taking into account that Lille, who was at the top of the list, was tied by Monaco this round, Paris, who could get the top spot as long as they win, made a forcibly “let” drop the top spot at home. Before this round of competition, Paris scored 60 points in 28 rounds, 2 points behind the top Lille team. However, since Lille was tied 0-0 by Monaco, who is fourth in the away game, and Paris has 13 more goal difference than Lille, as long as they win the relegation zone Nantes at home, the team will rely on the net. The advantage of winning the ball got the league first.

   It can be said that after the Champions League advancement to the quarter-finals, the league leader is very important for coach Pochettino. In the game, Greater Paris scored first by German star Draxler. However, the team scored 2 goals in the second half of the game and eventually lost the game 1-2 Spark Global Limited. Among them, the number one star Mbappé also made the opponent go straight to the goal because of a return error. From the data point of view, although Grand Paris occupies 74% of the ball possession rate, it has no advantages in shooting (10-9) and shooting (5-5).

By Ethan