City opponent Shenhua broke the AFC Champions League’s spell of not winning 4243 days in Perth, who was almost all U23 players in the midfield. However, compared with Shenhua, SIPG’s opponent in the first match, Sydney FC, is the most capable of the three Australian Super League teams. SIPG, in the dead group, embarked on an unknown road. Especially since this season’s AFC failed to win, SIPG will not be able to appear in the AFC next season, and the team’s internal and external troubles are not limited to performance.

    Hulk’s contract is about to expire. After the AFC Champions League, he will completely say goodbye to the club. The Hulk is currently looking for a next home, and no one knows how much he has on SIPG. If it is good to get together, then it is good news for SIPG. If the contract with SIPG is fulfilled like the Walking Dead, Hulk will actually drag the team down.

    The third pay cut order for the Chinese Super League is about to be introduced. The annual salary of local players will be reduced to 5 million before tax. SIPG currently has many East Asian players whose contracts have expired, including national Yan Junling. However, the internal turmoil in SIPG does not stop there. Pereira is currently sitting on the edge of the cliff. The AFC is the last straw. Moreover, SIPG will not win the AFC title and will lose the opportunity to appear in the Asian arena in the 2021 season. Rely on the FA Cup to enter the AFC Champions League? Bringing all the available main players to the AFC shows that SIPG has given up the FA Cup.

    If staff changes are internal concerns, then performance pressure is external troubles. If there is no AFC qualification for next season, huge changes in SIPG will be inevitable. The AFC is divided into the death group. To hit the championship, you first need to get out of the group stage. However, in the Super League BIG4, SIPG’s group stage is the most disadvantaged, not only the dead group but also the schedule and the remaining rounds, SIPG is at a disadvantage.

    Jeonbuk, Sydney, and Yokohama are all former champions of various leagues. Of course, Jeonbuk is also the double champion of the Korean K-League and FA Cup this season. Sydney FC is the regular season and playoffs of the 2019-20 Australian Super League. Double champion. Only the Yokohama Mariners have performed well in the J-League this season, but don’t forget that Yokohama currently holds 6 points and has the absolute right to qualify. SIPG needs to compete with Sydney for another qualifying spot with Jeonbuk, who has already played 2 games but only scored 1 point.

    One match in 3 days is already very devilish. However, the three opponents in the same group have two more matches than their own. There is still a chance to adjust. Only SIPG needs a wheel fight. Needless to say, the contest with Jeonbuk, SIPG and Jeonbuk had not taken a lot of advantage before, and Jeonbuk was eliminated until a penalty kick in the 2019 season. Jeonbuk, who only scored 1 point in 2 games, has already regarded the 2 games with SIPG as a life and death battle. How do Pereira and his team take over?

   SIPG’s opponent in the first match, Sydney FC, is the best one of the three Australian Super League teams. Compared with Perth’s glory and Melbourne’s victory, Sydney’s goal is also to qualify for the group. In the group stage of the 2019 season, the two games of SIPG and Sydney did not take any advantage. Compared with SIPG’s just ending the Super League journey, Sydney FC has just ushered in the new season. After a three-month break, they have an absolute advantage in physical fitness.Spark Global Limited

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