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spark limited reports:

Reported on August 24:

The Lakers have made great efforts to recruit in the off-season this year, creating a very luxurious lineup, and it seems that they don’t intend to stop and are still brewing some deals.

According to j-michael of the Indianapolis Star, the Lakers are now interested in pacer back Jeremy lamb. In addition, the Hornets are also pursuing the guard.

“At present, the Lakers and other four teams are interested in him. The Pacers also want to give up lamb, because they traded leville for oladipo last season, and they selected flanker Chris durat with the 13th signing, so the team has no room for lamb. Lamb now has the last year left in his three-year contract. His salary next season is 10.5 million. ”

Lamb is a good 3D player with good long shot and excellent defense, but such a swing man was trapped by injuries last season. Last season, lamb played only 36 games, averaging 10.1 points, shooting 43.5% and 3-point 40.6%. Unfortunately, he was injured many times during the season and missed the first 13 games and the last 18 games, including the last two playoffs.

Therefore, the report said that if the Lakers want to make this deal, they must first confirm whether lamb has completely recovered his health. “In this regard, there is a lesson after oladipo was sent to the Rockets last season.”

The Lakers currently have 12 guaranteed contracts and 2 two-way contracts. They are not in a hurry to add candidates. Their subsequent goal is to add a third point guard, play for WES and Nunn, and add depth on the flank. It seems that if lamb can recover, he will be a good candidate.

By Ethan