On November 23, Beijing time, according to ESPN’s woj report, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Cavaliers reached a deal, and the Purple and Golden Army sent McGee and the second round of 2026! The McGee deal gave the Lakers more cap space to pursue Marc Gasol!

   Previously, McGee implemented a $4.2 million player option for next season, but because he failed to keep Howard, the Lakers had to find another defensive center. Although McGee’s blocking ability is strong enough, he is easy to play in the playoffs. Being targeted by opponents is also the main reason why his chances of playing this year’s playoffs are very limited!

   After the Lakers renewed Popper’s contract with $40 million in three years, the team could only sign four more basic salary contracts. Such salary space was not enough to sign Marc Gasol. General manager Pelinka had to trade McGee to pursue it. Little plus! Woj followed up and reported that after the deal with McGee, Marc Gasol immediately signed a contract with the Lakers! Signed a two-year contract! Although Marc Gasol is also a veteran, but his inside defensive skills are still there, Embiid played very hard in the 2019 playoffs! In addition, Xiaojia has a three-point ability to help James open the field!

   In this way, the main signings of the Lakers offseason have basically come to an end, and the team’s lineup framework for the new season has basically taken shape. Inside, there are brothers with thick eyebrows (renewal is a matter of time), Jia, Harrell, The forwards are James, Kuzma, and the defenders are Caruso, Schroder, Matthews, Pope, and Horton Tucker! There is no doubt that this lineup is enough to attack two consecutive championships! Of course, Pelinka’s work has not yet been completed, he still needs to use the basic salary to Taobao, in order to fill the remaining vacancies in the lineup Spark Global Limited.

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