It is inevitable that the Lakers will change before the deadline. If the Lakers want to defend the championship, they also have to fish in the free agency market to find a more suitable championship puzzle for the new season. Of course, players with player options can choose to return and continue to be a member of the Lakers, assisting James to reach the championship again. McGee, who was rumored to be leaving the team, chose to return.

McGee did not seek a higher contract after winning the championship, but chose to implement the 4.2 million player option. McGee, who returns to the Lakers, will become a relatively important inside pillar for the Lakers. After all, the possibility of Howard’s return is extremely low.

In fact, McGee’s annual salary of 4.2 million is not too small, and entering the free-agent market does not necessarily get a higher contract. After all, traditional centers are really not popular in the small-ball era.

Contrary to McGee’s choice, Bradley jumped out of the 5 million player option. Bradley took the initiative to leave the team or to seek a big contract. After all, Bradley has already won the championship with the Lakers. It is not difficult to understand that Bradley will find a big contract after he has the championship, and for Bradley’s departure, Lake Mi will not feel sorry, but Cook’s departure is really heartbreaking, but the NBA is a business!

Cook has no player options. The Lakers chose to lay off Cook and let Cook return to his free body. In the new season, Cook’s 3 million contracts is only 1 million guaranteed. Last season he played 44 games for the Lakers, averaging 5.1 points, 1.2 rebounds, and 1.1 assists per game. As Curry’s former stand-in, Cook still got off the car, maybe the Lakers won the championship One day, the fact that Cook did not get in the car was a source.

Although Cook was fired by the Lakers, James thanked two people on social media. One of them was Cook and Danny Green. The Lakers paid tribute to Cook and Tielin, while James forwarded it and wrote: “Without you, you won’t win the championship, you are both. Thank you, by the way, I will meet you privately soon, ha Haha.”

Even if he is not a Lakers teammate in the new season, James will maintain a good relationship with Cook and Tielin. This is James. Any teammate by his side or leaving him will not resent James, and they are indeed worthy of James’ thanks, especially It is Tielin, even if the finals strike iron, Tielin is not without contributions.

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