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shine trader live reports:

Vogel: Wesson needs time to adjust. He will play more and more comfortably

Wei Shao was replaced after half a quarter. In the first quarter, except for shots, assists and mistakes, all the data were 0. He was also the only person with negative efficiency in the first quarter. It had little to do with him that the Lakers’ attack was getting better and better.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Wei Shao tried to shoot on the outside line, but he didn’t play with LeBron for too long. LeBron just came out when he returned in the second half of the quarter. He finally broke through in 4 minutes and 37 seconds, but he still didn’t get much since then. Green also interfered with his attempt to cooperate with LeBron.

Wei Shao got 2 points, 1 rebounds and 1 assists in 7 in the first half. Obviously, he still didn’t know what to do. His performance on the court was not like a top star at all.

Wei Shao didn’t come back in the second half. He made a foul at the beginning and didn’t make a breakthrough later. In 10 minutes and 23 seconds, he was directly blown by the technical regulations for arguing with the referee, and the Lakers watched the warriors equalise 7-0.

Fortunately, LeBron and Davis regained the rhythm again, and Wesson rarely hit the center shot in 7 minutes. But in general, he was still a supporting role in the supporting role. He scored 4 points in the third quarter, but the efficiency value was further reduced.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the warriors surpassed the score by three points. Wei Shao tried to lay up but failed. His breakthrough of 9 minutes and 12 seconds was also called an offensive foul. Then Wei Shao was replaced, returned in the last five minutes, and soon assisted Bradley to score three points. However, the Lakers are becoming more and more passive, which is hardly the pot of Wesson, but the imbalance of the lineup and the lack of outside projection are also caused by the arrival of Wesson.

At the final decisive moment, Willis didn’t look for the basket at all and had no desire to attack. He was completely different from himself. It was obviously not good for him and the Lakers to play like this.

By Ethan