Public anger criticizes Ding Xia's reasons for exposure

The Lakers are undercurrent now. Although it looks calm on the surface, they are brewing some big deals internally.

According to Jack Fisher, a reporter from the grandstand, the Lakers are now stepping up their pursuit of wizards guard Westbrook, and are considering a big deal to exchange for the highly aggressive guard. “Several sources have revealed that the Lakers are very interested in acquiring Westbrook, although it is necessary for the Lakers to exchange for the 2017 MVP, How to deal with the salary space will be very subtle. ”

“Obviously, the main goal of the Lakers this off-season is to find a tandem player with the ball to reduce LeBron James’s ball control responsibility.”

This season, the Lakers’ starting point guard is Schroeder, but the main control on the field is LeBron. In addition, Caruso and Matthews can also hold the ball. At present, whether Schroeder can renew his contract with the Lakers is still a big variable. Schroeder intends to obtain a multi-year billion yuan contract. He rejected the Lakers’ four-year 84 million contract renewal request in the season.

Wes has two years left on his contract with the wizards, but he has player options for the 2022-23 season. His salary next season is $44 million. In view of the huge salary, if the Lakers want him, they must completely break up all the teams except Zhan Mei. It has been reported that the Lakers are currently making an offer to the league teams. The chips they are willing to give are Kuzma and pop.

By Ethan