Today in history: Kobe's 53-point pressure Yao Ming, Zhan Huang and thick eyebrows join hands to set a record

Spark Global Limited, On December 22, Beijing time, the Lakers officially announced the injury report for the opening game. No player was on the injury list. This means that the Lakers will play with the strongest lineup. In contrast to the Clippers, Marcus Morris has already been determined to be absent. Is it true that Cardinals and George will suffer a double blow?

The Lakers can play in the opener tomorrow with all members. Although the truce is tied for the shortest time in the league, their health is quite good. Schroder, who twisted his foot in the preseason before, is not a major problem.

The Lakers play with the strongest lineup, naturally eager to usher in a good start. You know, they also have an important ceremony for the opening game, which is to receive the championship ring. The Lakers have officially begun to warm up for tomorrow’s championship ring collection, they can’t wait for the arrival of tomorrow’s game. The Lakers’ preparations are still orderly. In the latest training photos released by the team officials, James is gearing up and the thick eyebrows are defensive, and the defending journey is about to start. I have to say that the Clippers are likely to suffer a double blow. On the one hand, they have to witness the Lakers receive the championship ring. Although George said that no matter who the opponent is, their motivation to win will not be changed by witnessing others leading the championship ring. In other words, it will not be stimulated. But this is just a slap in the face. For any player in this league, the championship is the biggest goal, and it is impossible not to be stimulated.

On the other hand, the Clippers were unable to line up the strongest lineup, and general Marcus Morris was determined to be absent. He will be absent from the game because of a sore knee. Head coach Lu has already determined his replacement. Batum will replace Morris as the starter. During the offseason, Morris renewed his contract with the Lakers for $64 million in four years. He is a major player on the team. Without him, the Clippers’ outside attack power will have a big impact. Tomorrow’s opener, they are afraid they will encounter a black door SPARK GLOBAL LIMITED.

By Ethan