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The NBA free market is about to begin. The atomic reporter shams revealed a lot of relevant rumors today——

Los Angeles Lakers

It has been reported that the Lakers want to introduce a third star player. Lori, drozan and Ding Weidi are all players they are interested in. The latest rumor is that the Lakers and kings are also discussing a deal for buddy Hilde, so kuzmark can be sent out.

Cleveland Knight

Many teams are interested in Cavaliers center jalet Allen, but the Raptors are regarded as the team most likely to get the restricted free agent.

Denver Nuggets

This summer is so exciting! Myth summary: the Lakers want Hilde! The Rockets are selling Gordon! The pelican wants to match Zion with a star insider

Nuggets defender will button has refused to implement the $14.7 million player option next season, but he may still sign a new contract with nuggets. Barton has played for the nuggets for the past six and a half years.

Striker jemichael green also jumped out of the player option of $7.6 million next season to become a free agent. After the free market opens, he will discuss a new contract with the Nuggets, but the seven-year veteran will also have other suitors.


The Rockets want to package up Eric Gordon and their 20th pick – 23rd and 24th – for a higher pick.

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