The last day of Maradona's life: walk after breakfast and lie down. The nurse didn't wake up after taking medicine

Argentina star Maradona passed away, which broke the hearts of countless fans. Many people wake up and read the news of Maradona’s death. The God of football has left us forever. He once marked an era. He has the dual nature of genius and devil, leaving a strong mark in the history of football. The Argentinian media “ole” has disclosed the last few hours of Maradona’s life. What is moving is that the old horse once took a walk for several hours, then he lay down to rest, trying to recover his energy, but after lying down, he never got up again!


Maradona had just received surgery, and he was sent to a hospital because of the subdural hematoma in the horse, which must be operated on. At that time, many fans were worried about him. After more than an hour’s operation, Maradona survived the disaster until November 11, when Maradona was discharged from hospital and continued to recover. But no one thought that he would leave us in a sudden way, leave football, leaving Argentina with countless crying people, countless families full of sorrow for him.


Is Diego gone? We don’t want to believe it, but that’s the truth. Ole revealed how Maradona spent his last day:


In the last few hours of his life, Maradona lived in a house in the country of Tigray, which was rented by Maradona, so that he could recover more peacefully. His recovery process was once very good, including the people around him, his doctors and his family, who believed that the old horse could recover soon, because they saw that the old horse was slowly recovering, He sat up bravely many times.


On November 3, Maradona entered the operating room of the clinic, and the emergency medical committee took over the operation to solve the hematoma on the left side of his skull. Everything was successful. A week later, Ma was discharged from hospital. They all laughed. The doctors were shocked by his recovery speed, but everything was caught off guard.

November 25, 2020, this is the last day of Lao Ma’s life and the day to leave us. The sports world has suffered the greatest misfortune. Diego is gone, and he will certainly play some games for God, and he will also play football with angels.

On November 25th, Maradona got up early and, like the last days of his life, he ate some breakfast, then walked for hours and then lay down as he tried to rest and recover. A Swiss psychologist, a psychiatrist and a nurse monitored him. At noon, Maradona had to get up and take medicine at noon, but when the nurse woke him up, she found that he was unconscious and out of balance. The nurse’s first reaction was to call an ambulance. According to the neighbors and some media witnesses, a doctor whose identity was a neighbor was the first to provide help. Later, there were 9 ambulances, but there was nothing to do!

By Ethan