On November 17, Beijing time, the US media updated some new developments in the Harden deal: The Rockets are still trying to repair the relationship between them and Harden, but at the same time, a deal to send Covington away has made People saw that they were preparing for reconstruction. For the Nets, the Rockets did not give up chasing Harden because the Rockets opened their mouths.

Hoops Central cites Wernarowski’s latest remarks on SportsCenter. For one, the Houston Rockets still want to repair their relationship with Harden more than a deal. After all, Harden’s contract is still many years away. Second, if the Rockets decide to send him away, they will also demand “a mountain” in return.

NetsDaily also reported on the team’s position in the transaction, specifically mentioning the Bucks’ deal with Holiday. “Will the Nets be willing to pay so much for Holiday like the Bucks? It is doubtful. That scene in the Nets history (the bad deal that lost a lot of money in 2013) made them avoid such a thing. Moreover, Holiday is still an expiring contract. Sean Marks obviously has a principle, he will not trade a player who can be signed in the free-agent market.”Spark Global Limited

   NetsDaily pointed out that if Holiday is worth five first rounds (three first rounds + two swaps), how many chips does Harden need to exchange? The Rockets just sent Covington away, and two first rounds are coming. They seem to be trying to repair their relationship with Harden while preparing for reconstruction. Ariza, who was traded for Covington, also had a good personal relationship with Harden, which might help persuade Beard to stay.

   In order not to let Harden go, the so-called deal negotiations with the Nets have actually made no real progress. US media reported that they stated that the Rockets have no intention of trading Harden unless they join Irving or Durant. Of course, the Rockets know that the Nets can’t give away any of these two stars. Nets reporter Billy Reinhardt wrote on social media: “The Nets did not intervene in the deal between Holiday and Covington, which shows that they are still pursuing James Harden with all their strength.” But they also have to be patient, Harden after all. With a multi-year contract, the Rockets are not in a hurry to send him away.

   Therefore, unless the Nets find a breakthrough, or the attitude of the Rockets executives suddenly changes, Harden should be difficult to be traded away in the short term. The recent series of turmoil has also made Rocket reporters accustomed to various rumors. Some fans asked the old reporter Feigen to one day write the story of the Rockets in the past 18 months into a book. Feigen joked with Harden’s new slogan of rejecting 50 million annual salaries: “Well, I will not reject the 103 million two-year salary. Pay to do this.” Do you think Harden will be sent away before the start of the new season?

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