The latest promotion situation in the Champions League: Last season's semi-finals were in danger! Serie A picks up, Premier League soars

The fourth round of the UEFA Champions League ended the four groups of competition, Chelsea, Servey, Barcelona, ​​Juventus advanced to the top 16 of the Champions League. So far, the most dangerous team has become Leipzig.

Group E: Suspense disappears, England West team top PK

Chelsea and Sevilla both qualified for 10 rounds. The only suspense is the PK of the group leader and the ownership of the Europa League. In the next round of the game, Sevilla will face Chelsea, this game may give birth to the top team.

Group F: Suspense is almost disappearing

After Dortmund and Lazio won, both took the lead in qualifying, Zenit has been eliminated. In the next round against Lazio, Dortmund actually still has room for mistakes. Even the losing side may not be able to qualify early. Even if not, they have a chance to grasp their own destiny in the final round. To qualify, Bruges must beat Zenit in the next round but defeated Lazio in the last round.

Group G: Barcelona’s top reputation

After Barcelona’s big victory, it became the first team to score 12 points in a 4-game winning streak. Not only has it qualified, but it is also well-known. Juventus has also qualified after the lore, it is more difficult to get the first place. But overall, Juventus grabbed the 3 points, which can be regarded as helping Serie A to pick up, because Serie A already has a qualifying team, and Lazio also has the opportunity to qualify.

Group H: The Final Four last season was the most dangerous

After this round of death, Manchester United scored 9 points, Paris and Leipzig both scored 6 points, and Istanbul finished with 3 points. On the whole, Manchester United is basically stable, and Paris has also come back to life. It is dangerous to fall to Leipzig in third place. Leipzig must win the next round against Istanbul, otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous. In the final round, Leipzig will face Manchester United. If they win two consecutive victories, they will definitely qualify. If they can’t, they need to wait for their opponents to make mistakes.

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