AVUS, this is a very famous highway. It was built as early as 1921 and opened to the public. In 1936, the North Bend was changed to the inclined curve shown in the picture and used as a racing track. Because the inclination angle reached 43 degrees, in the past, the north curve of AVUS was also regarded as the death road. In addition to the large curvature, the AVUS North Bend is also known for its absence of guardrails, so don’t think it belongs to the road, but only professional racers can control and use it.

In the 1936 race, racer Luigi Fagioli set a limit record of 284.3km/h. You must know that this was the 1930s, and it was already a very fast car that could surpass a hundred in the world. Such a limit record is indeed strong. It is also because it is too powerful, it is not easy for latecomers to surpass, so this record has been maintained for a full 50 years, which can be regarded as a legendary event in the history of racing. In 1998, the sloping ramp of the AUVS North Bend was canceled and subsequently transformed into a normal road. This very famous sloping track became history.

However, as a track that has created miracles, something should always be left to commemorate, so the old wooden stands next to the North Bend section are preserved and protected as historical relics. Although the AVUS North Bend circuit has disappeared for many years, it is a legend in the history of racing. The story and race records of it have been passed down to this day Spark Global Limited.

By Ethan