Frick wants to leave Bayern to give up

The Bucks lost 88-110 to the eagles on the road, making a 2-2 draw. The letter brother got 14 points and 8 rebounds in 7 of 10 shots. He was playing explosive performance in the third quarter, but he pulled his left knee and was forced to withdraw from the game. The Bucks were defeated like a mountain.

Although Trey young is absent, it’s not easy to win away in the playoffs. The Bucks have no rhythm in the attack at the beginning of the playoffs. The letter brother and Middleton have no target. The Bucks can’t defend the rebounds and let the eagles fight back. 6 minutes 48 seconds letter brother was also robbed, played half a quarter did not open. 5 minutes 19 seconds, the letter brother in the outside line dry pull-out throw three do not touch, fortunately Tucker grabs the rebound to make up the basket.

The letter brother did not get one point in the first quarter of 2-for-0. Although he made a breakthrough and caused a foul at the beginning of the second quarter, the Bucks still played very hard. Without Trey young, the Hawks still played well in the interior. The Bucks defense obviously needs to be adjusted.

The Bucks only got 38 points in the half and the letter brother only got 6 points. He didn’t score three free throws and was very embarrassed when he sent out three free throws again.

In the second half, the Bucks finally regained their spirits and played the transfer of the ball. The letter brother also kept cutting into the basket to create scoring opportunities. When he was caught, he came out to tear the defense. But just as he was getting better and better, when he was trying to block Capella’s dunk under the basket, he fell unsteadily and stepped on Capella’s sprained knee. He fell to the ground and couldn’t get up again. The situation seemed very serious.

After that, he stood up with the help of his teammates, but he was still able to walk on his own, which is absolutely good news. The Bucks still sent him back to the dressing room for inspection. A few minutes later, brother Letterman returned to the field and seemed to have to continue to compete.

By Ethan