What level of stars can Xidi return?

The Bucks lost 113-116 at home to the eagles on June 24, Beijing time. Big score 0-1 down. The Bucks wasted too many opportunities on the outside line at the critical moment, even if the letter brother scored the key two free throws.

After being beaten by Durant in the semi-final and the Bucks who doubted their life escaped from the game, they showed great vitality and morale in the first half of today. The letter brother is very active in the basket, constantly receiving rebounds, the Bucks also played a wonderful ball transfer, Lopez received his pass dunk, and then he and hollerdy joined hands to break the Hawks’ defense.

In the first quarter, he got 8 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists. The outside lines of the two teams were all ironclad, and his bombing of the inside line was even more critical. At the beginning of the second quarter, the letter brother led the team to play 6-0 to continue to open the score, but after Yang’s return, the eagles set off a counterattack, in the face of the outbreak of the super scorer, the bucks are more flowering, the letter brother at the end of the festival for hollerdy and tucker sent wonderful assists, he got 14 points in the half, the Bucks still kept the lead, hollerdy’s recovery is also very critical.

Unfortunately, in the third quarter, Yang almost snatched all the limelight and was extremely arrogant in the alphabet brother’s territory. Although the letter brother tries to keep the rhythm and gets the quasi triple double data in the third quarter, he is still covered by Yang’s superstar light, and the eagle also achieves the anti super in this quarter.

During the pause, he imitated Yang’s arrogant shrug after shooting to all his teammates, obviously also to stimulate the fighting spirit of the whole team and ask everyone not to be upset by him.

In the fourth quarter, under the leadership of hollerdy and Letterman, the Bucks launched a counterattack attack, and successfully restrained Yang, so that he didn’t score in the sports game in 5 minutes. Letterman and hollerdy cooperated with each other by tacit understanding, and finally opened the score. At the decisive moment, they completed the air contact cooperation twice. At the critical moment, they let Yang not find a mobile phone meeting at all, but he assisted Collins to score three points, coupled with Capella’s key make-up, let the eagles counter super again.

After the suspension, the Bucks key round of attack let Connaughton shot three points, the result of his throw three do not touch, this result is more or less unreasonable. Since then, Yang two penalty, Bucks behind 3 points. In the last 10 seconds, brother Letterman got the ball under the basket and was fouled as soon as he was about to take it out. Although he made two free throws, the Bucks were still behind. In the last 4.6 seconds, the Bucks could only choose three points for their last attack. As a result, Middleton played again and the game was over.

By Ethan