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Just after the International Day, Manchester United fans received a piece of bad news.

  The well-known German journalist Falk revealed on his social media that Manchester United is indeed trying to persuade Zidane to become Solskjaer’s successor, but Zidane also said that he is not yet ready to coach in the Premier League. Rather than taking over a team in the short term, he wants to rest until next summer, and then look at the situation.

  Even after Ferguson retired, Manchester United lost a lot of charm, but there is no doubt that this is still a top giant that can attract many coaches to take the initiative to vote.

  However, Zidane could not be attracted for the time being.

In May of this year, Zidane, as a coach, left Real Madrid for the second time.

  Under Florentino, Zidane brought him and the club 11 championship trophies, of which three sparkling Champions League trophies are extremely eye-catching.

  You know, Real Madrid is the first team he coached, and it is also the only resume in his current coaching career. In just a few years, he has surpassed most of the top coaches, and in the Champions League this event , At least at the trophy level, he even directly surpassed Sacchi, Lippi, Ferguson, Mourinho, Guardiola and others.

  From the milestone of becoming the coach with the most Champions League titles alone, Zidane only needs to win one more time, and he still has a lot of time.

However, even if there is such a day, there are bound to be many people who doubt Zidane’s coaching ability.

Spark Trader Limited
Spark Trader Limited

  After all, in the eyes of many people, the star-studded Real Madrid from 2013 to 2018 has already reached the peak of player ability. Previously, Ancelotti has proved that this is a team that can touch the height of the Champions League trophy. All that needs to be done inside is to take pictures of cats and draw tigers.

  However, such a view obviously cannot stand scrutiny.

  Real Madrid was really strong from 2013 to 2018, but in those few years, the most indispensable thing in world football was a strong team. In the past, Guardiola led the Dream Three Tails, Simeone created the iron-blooded Atletico, in the mid-term, Allegri brought Juventus to the top, Enrique relied on MSN, and rising stars such as Manchester City and Liverpool in the Premier League. team. A little carelessness, the Champions League three consecutive minutes will become a delusion.

The star can help the team win the championship, but the star can also be the fuse of the head coach at any time.

  When it comes to technical abilities that are valued by the outside world, Zidane’s predecessors, Mourinho, Ancelotti and Benitez, are all tactical masters respected by fans from all walks of life. However, Mourinho has only completed the planting. Ancelotti, known as the “good old man”, led the team for only two years. Benitez, who was trapped in tactics and unable to extricate himself, even led the team in less than a season before dismissing get out of class.

  Being able to stay in office for a long time is itself a compulsory course needed by a wealthy coach.

  How to coax Ronaldo? How to convince Benzema and others to make a wedding dress for Ronaldo? How to appease the emotions of the bench big names? How to make J Luo, Bell, these unre-used stars, will not become the media used by the media when the record declines.

  Otherwise, as long as the record declines for a longer time, players such as Ronaldo and Bell will become the fuse for Zidane to dismiss get out of class.

By Ethan