Public anger criticizes Ding Xia's reasons for exposure

Although injured in the Eastern Conference finals against the Hawks, the letter brother staged the return of the king in the finals. In the past two games, he shot 42 points and 12 rebounds and 41 points and 13 rebounds in a row, becoming a point that the Suns could not stop.

As soon as the first quarter came up, the letter brother encountered the sun general’s strict defense, played most of the festival, only got one shot. But the letter elder brother chooses the outside line to shoot three points, but directly threw three not to touch. All the way to the end of the first section, Portis turned around and missed the shot, and the letter brother quickly entered, directly through Penn to complete the bloody two hands mending.

Not long after the second quarter, the letter brother took off the backboard and pushed the counterattack at full speed to the front court. In the face of Paul, Booker and Johnson’s encirclement and suppression, the letter brother had no fear, turned over two, forced to knock over one, and flew into the layup. 9 minutes 37 seconds, Bucks many people tacit understanding conduction, the sun defensive mistakes appear inside vacuum. The letter elder brother catches the ball with both hands, completes the end. At the end of the half-time, the two teams drew, the letter brother has cut 12 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists.

Yi Bian fights again, the sun makes 5-0 attack wave. At the critical moment, brother Letterman stepped forward to face Aton and hit the Golden Rooster independent backward jump shot. After that, huoledi threw a long pass, and Xingge caught the ball with another smash. A minute later, huoledi continues to launch the fast break, the letter elder brother catches the ball to attack the basket unstoppable.

Entered the last quarter decisive battle, the letter elder brother strong creates the foul and 2 punishes 1. 8 minutes 05 seconds, the letter brother once again to show the physical quality of the adverse days, steals and counterattacks one-stop, smashes in one go. 6 minutes 51 seconds, huoledi sent a wonderful pass, letter brother basket catch is another angry button, unstoppable. In the last three minutes, huoledi failed to make a layup, but the letter brother’s magic weapon came down from the sky and made a good layup, directly stopping the sun. Pause to come back, letter brother prevented Paul’s breakthrough.

By Ethan