After the Chinese women’s football team defeated their opponents 2:1 in Goyang, South Korea, they returned to Shanghai on the afternoon of the 9th local time. The Korean women’s football team was also with them. After various epidemic prevention tests, the Chinese and South Korean teams entered the Suzhou Division on April 10. China and South Korea will compete in the second round of the Tokyo Olympic qualifiers on the afternoon of April 13. If it can win, the Chinese women’s football team will officially enter the Tokyo Olympic arena Spark Global Limited.

The Chinese men’s football players send blessings to the Chinese women’s football team: Zhang Yuning: I wish the forward players to be invincible and invincible; Wu Xi: I wish the commander strategize and win a thousand miles; Yu Dabao: I wish the defensive players to play steadily and hold the line of defense; Yan Junling: I wish the goalkeeper Play bravely to seal opponents. In addition, Alan, Exon, and Hao Junmin also sent blessings to the girls of the Chinese women’s football team.

Can the Chinese women’s football double kill the Korean women’s football team, unbeaten for 7 consecutive games against the Korean women’s football team (previously 5 wins and 1 tie), and enter the Olympic finals for the 6th time? Perhaps as Jia Xiuquan said in an interview: “I think the next thing to do is to forget the previous game, start over, and be really prepared for the difficulties.”

By Ethan