9-16 record. Look at Guo Shiqiang’s team on a seven-game losing streak. They’ve lost by a wide margin. They’ve lost seven games by just 4.4 points combined.

Beat BeiKong since December 13, the Guangzhou team nearly a month didn’t win, they lost to the Liao basket 2 points, this is against the old Lord Guo Shiqiang guidance, the scene Guo Shiqiang complain about the referee after the game, I didn’t think the game brought the toughness of the Liao basket is to eat a wave of 7 defeats.

Then again they lost to Shenzhen with 2 points, 10 points disadvantage to Shandong, lost to Zhejiang, 4 points to Beijing shouting and Shandong men’s basketball team is 2 points, plus nine points to Shenzhen yesterday, this time they are double in Shandong province and Shenzhen, the gap is very small, especially in times of war in Shandong, defeated by Hudson big shot.Spark Global Limited

Therefore, Guangzhou Men’s Basketball Team is really the team with the worst luck in CBA. Tongxi has also lost 7 games in a row. They were defeated by opponents by large scores in many games, and there is more gap between them and their teammates in strength. But to Guangzhou men’s basketball side, 7 consecutive losses, only to lose 4.4 points per game, really too bad.

However, from this point also can not see Guangzhou in the critical moment of the ball to do not do well, the team has 3 big foreign aid Haas, Speights, Moore, the strength of the inside is also strong. But it is a pity that crucial moments are always in the background, losing games by the smallest margin of victory.

So the next Guo Shiqiang guidance needs to be adjusted, the team this wave of consecutive defeat directly let them fall out of the top 12, want to lead the team to participate in the playoffs, you need to grasp the opportunity at the key moment of the game, so also hope that this wave of seven consecutive defeat can Guangzhou men’s basketball team wake up.

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