The national football team and Evergrande fell into the same pit again!

The roster of the national football team is ready to come out, but no matter what changes the trainees designated by Li Tie has compared to the previous periods, the naturalized national football team is an unavoidable topic and a hot topic. The prospects of national football are all tied to the naturalized national team. This is already a certain fact. As a big national football player, Evergrande has also fallen into the same river. The veterans who created brilliant will either leave or retreat. The Mesozoic players are a fault So that Evergrande lost its local flag bearer.Spark Global Limited, Lippi made it clear when he became the national football coach for the first time that he would use a team’s international team as the team to form the national football team, and this team was undoubtedly Evergrande at the time. Ever since Lippi entered the national football team, the relationship between Evergrande and the national team has become even closer. Not only Lippi is “tributed” by Evergrande, but even the management team of the national football team is also “changed” by Evergrande.

As the strongest club team in domestic football at the time, and even the entire Asia, it is understandable that Evergrande was the team to form the national football team. However, compared with the previous selection of Camacho for the national football team by Wanda, Evergrande “ruled” the national football team. During the period, the team’s performance did not improve much. So much so that at the meeting of the Football Association, some leaders of the Football Association bombarded Evergrande, “What is the use of the national team with so many championships?”

The national football team and Evergrande fell into the same pit again!

The main reason for the stagnation of the national football team is the shortage of reserve talents. Zheng Zhi is old, Feng Xiaoting, Gao Lin, Yu Hanchao, and Zeng Cheng, the core and main players of the national football team in the past have “retired” one after another, but there is no successor in the same position. Although Gao Lin has been criticized, after the end of the Asian Cup in 2019, there is no candidate to match Gao Lin in the forward position. The worst national football team in the past 10 years has become a height that the national football team cannot surpass in the next 10 years.

If local players are unreliable, they can only find another way, and this way is naturalization. Guoan pioneered and Luneng followed suit, and Evergrande was the one who best demonstrated the leadership will. Jiang Guangtai is a different story. Exon, Luo Guofu, Fernando, Alan, plus Goulart who is not qualified for the national football team, Evergrande dropped nearly 1 billion in one go, turning a group of foreign aid into “local players.”, And the follow-up costs will exceed the 1 billion investment in the first phase.

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