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After the NBA offseason changed the rules for making fouls, Harden, Tre Young and others have obviously reduced their offensive power by one level. The most severely weakened version of this version is Harden. It can be said that this set of rules is prepared to restrict him. At that time, the official also directly named Harden when the rules were modified. Of course, most fans also expressed support for this rule modification, and the NBA officials will continue to modify the rules to make the game more beautiful, and this time Players like James and Antetokounmpo will become direct beneficiaries.

According to the famous NBA reporter Shams, today the NBA executives have been seriously discussing penalties for deliberately using tactical fouls when players are playing fast breaks in the game, and the league’s executives hope this time to increase the intentional use of tactical fouls against players.

Shine Trader Limited
Shine Trader Limited

For example, the fast-breaking player will directly make two free throws, and the player who uses the foul tactics will be called a technical foul while gaining the ball, or the free throw.

Obviously, the implementation of this rule is very beneficial to the athletic players like James, Westbrook and Antetokounmpo, especially the Lakers. The Big Three in their team have strong fast break ability. When James is running, it is the same. A galloping tank is unstoppable, and Westbrook’s bullet speed and take-off height are also the most powerful of the defenders. The tall, thick eyebrows and the excellent ball-handling skills are like a giant under the fast attack. Therefore, once this rule is implemented , Then the Lakers have benefited a lot, and James was also a direct beneficiary when the league changed the rules of walking before, so this time James is once again a direct beneficiary of the rules.

The reason why the league did this is to make the game more compact, and at the same time increase the enjoyment. For Harden and the Nets, one after another of the league’s rule changes is really to shake their heads to show helplessness. First of all, Harden’s down The fast break ability is really not good, and the ability to make fouls has been weakened. This positive and negative situation is very detrimental to him.


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