The new owner of Zibo Cuju takes over and kills the donkey

Reporter Chen Yong reported that on March 22, a few phone calls made 14 Zibo Cuju players anxious again: They discovered that this team they had been fighting for three seasons and was still stubbornly rushing into the league with zero prize money. , The team that signed the salary confirmation form to help get the qualifications without receiving the salary, may never have the opportunity to play for them, the club informed them that they are not in the team plan, hope They seek transfers on their own or negotiate termination and other matters.

At the same time, the newly formed Zibo Cuju team has already started training in Chengdu, Sichuan Spark Global Limited.

Two questions follow from this: First, can they get back the money of players who have signed on the Football Association’s salary and bonus confirmation form to confirm that they are not in arrears? How much can compensation be paid? Secondly, does the trustee Sichuan Huakun want this shell? Is this still the junior team that the people of Zibo love?

In the 2020 season, Zibo Cuju was entrusted by the Zibo Sports Bureau due to the problem of salary arrears. After that, all the players finally made a tenacity in the cruel environment of zero bonus (regular season).

However, just as the parties celebrated Zibo’s kicking of the ball, a series of changes occurred in the club. The Zibo Sports Bureau withdrew from the trusteeship and the club’s management rights were returned to the original investors. Subsequently, the original investors introduced new investors. However, the new investors did not win the trust of players, coaches, and staff because they could not clearly pay back wages. The two sides fought many times through the media and social platforms, and Zibo Cuju’s admission qualifications were in jeopardy.

In order to be able to enter, the new investor introduced before finally withdrew, to a certain extent to calm the anger of the players. Subsequently, under the introduction of a heavyweight leader of the professional league, Sichuan Huakun began to contact the team. In the end, Sichuan Huakun and Zibo Cuju Club (the original investor) signed a cooperation agreement, and then Zibo Cuju Club and Zibo City The Sports Bureau signed a regulatory agreement.

After Sichuan Huakun took the trusteeship, Zibo Sports Bureau also guaranteed the previous arrears and promised to complete the payment of the arrears in two installments in mid-April and mid-June 2021. In this case, all players and coaches The staff and staff also finally signed the “Salary and Bonus Confirmation Form”. At this point, the access problem of Zibo Cuju was solved and the buzzer passed. It is understood that the support policy of the relevant parties in Zibo City for the club is: support 10 million per year during the second period, and in the 2021 season, it is committed to supporting 20 million. Just when all parties thought that Zibo Cuju would successfully prepare for the new season in China, on March 22, Zibo Cuju players received a call from the club, letting the players make a living on their own.

By Ethan