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According to the regulations, if the players do not accept the ruling of the first instance, they can submit an appeal petition within 10 days from the date of service of the ruling and appeal to Shenyang intermediate people’s Court of Liaoning Province. Spark Global Limited Whether they will be rejected after they have done what they were asked to do is uncertain. “At this point, I feel tired and haggard.” As the person in charge of the wage action, Guo Chunquan felt that this matter had gone beyond his own understanding. He had no reason to say, “it’s very tiring to run into a wall everywhere. No one can help us. Anyone can kick us as a ball. ”

Liaoning is a place with a football background. Today’s national football coach Li Tie is also from Liaoning. In order to get paid, they went to the Sports Bureau many times, and each time they failed, so that the staff of the Sports Bureau later saw them and said, “it’s you again. Why are you here again?” Every time he heard this, he was very angry. “Who would like a trip? We are defending our rights, but now we have become a nuisance. Is it up to us to be owed wages? ” “Instead of helping, these people find us annoying and annoying.” In addition to being kicked, the saddest thing for Guo Chunquan is the club. He was born and raised in Shenyang. In 2018, he returned to Liaozu to play football and found the feeling of returning to his roots, but the club dissolved two years later. “From the dissolution to now, the club has no attitude and never said how to solve the problem. When I was playing football, I felt every bit of emotion. Now, where have all the feelings gone? ”

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In August this year, some players and their family members met with Huang Yan, chairman of the club. The latter, in addition to appeasing, expresses more an attitude of helplessness: “the club really has no money. If it has money, it will definitely give it to the club.” At the beginning of 2020, Huang Yan once held a meeting for all the players to discuss with them whether to sign on the salary and bonus confirmation form. He told the players clearly at the meeting: “Hongyun group doesn’t want to work at the end of 2018 and wants to make a zero transfer, but no one in Liaoning province takes over.”

He told the players that he knows that everyone hasn’t taken money in a year, but the current situation of the club is very difficult, “I’m not here to ask you (to sign) or persuade you (to sign). Whether our family (Liaoning foot club) will continue to exist has the final say. Huang Yan told the team members at the meeting that the Shenyang Hunnan district government would give the club 50 million yuan a year. At the end of 2018, he wasted a lot of energy to get the money down and gave the team members the salary and bonus of that year. But this year there is really no money, “even if you go to court, people can find a reason not to give the money.”When he held the meeting, he repeatedly stressed to everyone that he was a law student. “If (the club) doesn’t go down, you can only quit, and then you will have no place to ask for salary and bonus.”

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