Simmons is only 5 points and a detail spicy eyes

If you want to find out the recognized strongest player among the 2021 rookies, the No. 1 winner corningham must be the only answer, but if you want to find the most popular player in this rookie, the answer is the second ranked Jay green. In the case of not playing an NBA game, Green’s personal social media has 1.3 million fans, compared with only 280000 attention from Cunningham, and only 680000 attention from Edwards, the No. 1 player for a year. Green’s popularity can be seen.

Jay Green has the superstar look in the eyes of fans. He has a model’s figure and fashionable clothes. He also has a hairstyle that changes every 48 minutes. Of course, Green’s most attractive performance is on the court. He was considered by scouts to be the person whose physical talent is closest to Michael Jordan. The talent selection template was once considered to be Jordan or Kobe Bryant. What can this guy do?

The 198cm tall California kid did not choose to enter college basketball, but joined the one-year plan customized by the Development League for high school students. Because the game rules of the Development League are consistent with the NBA, the defense intensity, attack rhythm and three-point distance are closer to the NBA than college basketball. In the year of the Development League, he can get 17.9 points, 4.1 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 1.5 steals per game, A good report card.

Taking this report card apart, I had to mention the end of Jay Green’s basket. He can always use his excellent hovering ability to change hands, dodge and fight in the air… Whether you can think of or can’t think of, and then he still stays in the air when the defender has begun to fall.

We can also notice that before jay Green’s take-off, he started from the first step, and every step was a meteor with full explosive power. Green’s agility is also one of the keys for him to be good at the end of the inside line. He can quickly raise his ball carrying speed to the extreme value, so he is also good at the conversion and promotion across the whole court in the fast break.

The explosive power of young people is God’s reward, but those who can apply speed to the next level depend on the improvement of reading competition. At present, green is used to accelerating and looking for the end all at once, but he is not very good at bringing more changes through speed change. In the NBA with higher defensive intensity, it is impossible to attack the basket only with speed.

By Ethan