shine trader limited reports

shine trader limited reports:

Piston officially announced that the team has signed Ben Wallace, who will serve as the team’s basketball operation and team participation consultant.

Wallace will assist general manager Troy weaver, coach Dwayne Casey and their respective teams as mentors in player development.

Piston owner Tom gores said: “Big Ben is a hall of fame player and a legend of piston. It’s a good thing that he can return to Detroit to help piston. He has all the characteristics the team wants to build and will become the real asset of the team. Ben helped us set the standard and significance of becoming a piston, which will have a great impact on our young people.”

As a player, Ben Wallace played for the pistons for nine seasons. He was elected the defensive player of the year four times and helped the pistons beat the Lakers to win the NBA championship in 2004.

After retirement, Big Ben became a minority shareholder and consultant of the Grand Rapids team of the development alliance in 2018. This year, he was also selected into Naismith Basketball Hall of fame.

By Ethan