The Premier League has been freezing all night! Guardiola is eager to pull the time card

Spark Global Limited In the early morning of December 16, Beijing time, the Premier League ended two key battles. As a result, Chelsea lost 1-2 to wolves and Manchester City drew 1-1 to West Bromwich Albion. Neither of them had the chance to create substantial pressure on the top two spurs and Liverpool. City took the absolute initiative in the match against West Brom and took the lead in scoring the goal in the 30th minute. Stirling went back to the bottom of the triangle and jingduo’an pushed the goal, and the city took the lead 1-0. However, in the 43rd minute, Ruben – DIAS own dragon sent a super gift, the city were tied, in the second half-crazy attack, but unable to break again. In the end, only a 1-1 draw can be accepted.

It is worth mentioning that Guardiola was crazy in the game. Before entering the make-up time, the scene caught such a scene. The fourth official was preparing to announce the time of make-up time. Gua Shuai meant that it was not only 4 minutes. He had frantic communication and looked anxious. Moreover, his hands were once on the time card, and he wanted the fourth official to increase the time, but things went against his wishes. This time, Aguero played 266 games in the Premier League for Manchester City, tied with Hart in the second place in team history, only 43 games behind David Silva. But the golden age of Aguero and Silva seems to have gone.

Arnold is not a bad player and I think he needs to rest

The city only achieved 5 wins, 5 draws, and 2 losses in 12 rounds, with a winning rate of 41.7%, which is the worst result of the same period since 2009-10. Moreover, West Brom ended his 13 consecutive premier league defeats against the city, scoring points for the first time since December 2011. At present, Manchester City also ranked first in the Premier League, Guardiola’s team, seems to be disappointing.

In addition, in another game, Chelsea lost 2-1 to wolves. In the 49th minute of the game, girou snatched a volley, and the ball leaked from Patricia’s armpit, and Chelsea took the lead in scoring. In the 65th minute, the borders forbidden area left side swings the angle after the ball, one-foot strong shot leveled. In the 95th minute, after receiving a direct pass from his teammates, Netto completed the final with a low shot. Neither Chelsea nor city had the chance to create pressure on the top of the table!

By Ethan