The reason for the delayed official announcement by the Football Association

Today, the Chinese Football Association was originally scheduled to announce the three-tier league admission list, but just before the announcement, the Football Association temporarily notified the delay of the announcement. According to Zhao Yu, a reporter from Tencent Sports, the reason for this delay was that the qualified Inner Mongolia Zhongyou, who had already obtained the access qualification, “no longer played.” This decision caught the Football Association by surprise.

According to online news, Liu Zhe, the president of the Inner Mongolia Zhongyou Club of China League One, has taken his official seal to run away. Not only did the players fail to get their wages, but they were also directly abandoned. Before, the players signed the payroll.

After Inner Mongolia Zhongyou does not play, the entire schedule and even the divisions drawn up by Zhongyou will need to change, and even Zhongyou will need to change. Moreover, the football association needs to verify whether the team that is replaced is eligible. In short, the Football Association has no way to deal with so many situations at once, and can only postpone the announcement Spark Global Limited.

By Ethan