The Red Army stays at the base for the last training

     In the early hours of Wednesday morning, our army will face Real Madrid away in the Champions League quarterfinals. As opponents of karma, Liverpool’s official website also lists some relevant data on both sides. The Red Army and Real Madrid have played 6 times and have achieved 3 wins and 3 losses. Klopp has faced the Galaxy battleship 7 times and has a record of 3 wins, 1 draw, and 3 losses. Only four players from the Red Army have scored four consecutive games in the European arena. They are Roger Hunter, Robbie Fowler, Gibril Cisse, and Gerrard. Gerrard has twice.

And Salah can score in Real Madrid’s game, he will also enter this ranks, you must know that in the 2018 Champions League final, Salah reluctantly left early due to injury Spark Global Limited.

The Reds made 19 out of 25 1/4 finals. Klopp has won the last 5 away games and won 7 in 8 games. In addition, the Reds have not conceded a goal in 4 consecutive away games. This is the first time since March 1988. Liverpool has maintained 6 zero covers in 8 UEFA Champions League matches this season. “Aspen” reported that Klopp’s pre-match training was very mysterious. In order to avoid leaks of tactics, he decided not to train in Spain. Although UEFA allowed Liverpool to train at Real Madrid’s Di Stefano Stadium, Liverpool decided not to train.

They continued to stay at the base at 1 pm local time for the final pre-match practice. After the training, they set off for Madrid and booked a two-story room in a local hotel in Madrid. This is also a requirement of the Spanish side for epidemic prevention. Benitez, who has coached the Red Army and Real Madrid at the same time, said: “Liverpool wants to make the pace of the game a little faster, but Real Madrid will want to control the situation. Whoever can grasp the rhythm of the game can win the game.”

Klopp talked about the game with Real Madrid while attending the pre-match press conference against Real Madrid. He said: “Our team was formed for this kind of game. We are facing a team that also plays football, so we also have a chance. Do they say Real Madrid is the biggest favorite? That’s really great because That said, there is no problem at all. Real Madrid’s positioning is correct, and our positioning as a challenger is not a problem!” The duel between the two sides will undoubtedly talk about the 2018 UEFA Champions League final. Klopp said: “My motivation has always been sufficient, it has nothing to do with the 2018 game, but when we drew Real Madrid, I obviously also remembered that game.” “If someone asks me a week or a month after that game if they will invite Ramos to my birthday party, I will flatly refuse!”

By Ethan