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The Suns beat the Clippers on the road yesterday to enter this year’s finals. Interestingly, LeBron and pioneer star Lillard did not appear in the Western Conference finals, but went to another basketball game together.

On Wednesday night local time, Lillard and LeBron showed up at the Los Angeles Convention and Exhibition Center to watch Los Angeles Sparks play Las Vegas ace, a WNBA game. The Convention and Exhibition Center and Staples Center are just neighbors in downtown Los Angeles.

Some fans posted photos of the two watching the ball together on the Internet, which caused a heated discussion. The Laker fans thought that such a move proved that the two had an obvious intention to join hands. However, some calm fans think that such speculation is pure “daydream”, two people want to join hands in Los Angeles is impossible.

Previous news showed that many All-Star players from the East and West have been recruiting Lillard to join their team. Lillard was not willing to listen to these recruitment before, but there have been changes recently. These players have more confidence in Lillard’s trade request.

There are also some fans early sun out Lillard in the Lakers and LeBron’s joint P chart, hoping that they two can achieve some hegemony in Los Angeles. However, the actual operation will be extremely difficult, because Lillard’s salary next season is 43.75 million, and the salary in the next few seasons will only be more, which means that if Lillard wants to join hands with LeBron, the Lakers must give up Shawn Davis, or give up most of the class players, so the transaction is too difficult.

LeBron has always admired LeBron. As early as March 2018, he said that if he was given a Lillard, he would make the latter get real attention and recognition in the whole league.

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