Today in history: Kobe's 53-point pressure Yao Ming, Zhan Huang and thick eyebrows join hands to set a record

Beijing time on December 21, the new season is about to begin, the rocket’s preparations are also in an orderly manner. In the training, harden devoted himself to the game, and completed a wonderful cooperation with wall. Two new players in the interior, Corzine and wood, also showed excellent state. Although the trade rumors are still in the air, but now Hadden is still a rocket. As a professional player, harden has to focus on this team. In training, harden devoted himself to strengthen his physical reserve and prepare for the new season.According to the latest news from Sports Illustrated’s farbod esnaashari, Hadden’s trade negotiations have made significant progress, and he may be traded to the nets or the heat before the start of the season.


However, it seems that the deal rumors did not affect Mr. harden. It is worth mentioning that, in the confrontation training, harden and wall also completed the wonderful connection, wall sent a wonderful pass, after Haden ran without the ball, he took the ball and made a three-point steady hit.Spark Global Limited In fact, if Haden can stay, his combination with wall will have a chance to surprise. In the preseason, the former wizard champion Lang let people see the state before the injury, and the Achilles tendon tear did not seem to block him.Not only is wall worth harden to stay, but two new recruits from inside, Corzine and wood, continue to perform well in the confrontation training. Wood’s preseason debut, 10 of 18, down 27 points and 10 rebounds. Koshins averaged 10.3 points and 7.3 rebounds in 17.7 minutes in three preseason games. In the training, both of them gave a wonderful dunk, especially Kao Shen sent out a sudden dunk. Interestingly, these two players are very versatile, both inside and outside, and match harden perfectly.

In the end, whether harden will settle down and rush with the Rockets for another season, I believe there will be an answer soon.

By Ethan