The rubbish that Chai Meng recalls and Wei Shao spit on each other: I said that he alone is enough to defeat their team

As we all know, Golden State Warriors star Drummond Green is a guy on the court who doesn’t stop talking, he likes to use words to provoke opponents. On November 27, Beijing time, in a one-on-one interview with the media, Chai Meng said that he likes to spam with Rockets star Russell Westbrook on the court. At the same time, he expressed his respect for Wei Shao. Wei Shao is a player who will never admit defeat.

Green is also a big mouth on the court

“A guy like Wei Shao is always 100% invested, never 70% or 60%. He is always 100% invested.” Chai Meng said of his opponent like this.

During the interview, Green recalled the scenes in which he and Wei Shao talked spam each other. He said: “I started yelling at him, saying something like,’We don’t have to beat them, Russ will Beat their own’.” Green is using this method to ridicule Wei Shao’s shots, and there are words like this: “Oh oh, look at him again, if he shoots like this, the team will definitely lose. “

Westbrook is also not an annoying master. In addition to hitting opponents hard on the court, he will not lose in the mouth. “Then he (Shao Wei) will hit me back,’You can’t shoot. I don’t know how to play.” Green continued to recall, but at the same time he said that he enjoyed such “battles” very much. He said: “He is one of my favorite people to play together. I respect him very much, but Wei Shao He will continue to fight back with his mouth.” As a stinger on the court, Chasing Dream obviously enjoyed meeting such an opponent.

Wei Shao recently delivered a Thanksgiving meal in Los Angeles

In this offseason, news of Wei Shao being traded by the Rockets has been heard. There have been reports that he asked the Rockets to leave the team. Obviously, Shao Wei is not satisfied with the future direction of the Rockets. However, Wei Shao’s contract will become an obstacle to his transaction. At present, his contract has three years of 132 million dollars left. This is not something that a random team can chew. A few days ago, there were reports showing that Wei Shao delivered a Thanksgiving meal in Los Angeles, apparently not bothered by the exchange.

Last season, with Harden, Wei Shao still averaged 27.2 points, 7.9 rebounds and 7 assists per game. Prior to this, he averaged a triple-double with the Thunder for three consecutive seasons. Regardless of whether it is to stay in the team or be traded, but obviously, chasing dreams and looking forward to next season continue to spam with Wei Shao on the court.

By Ethan