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News from our newspaper (Reporter Zhao Rui) The second round of the top 40 matches is likely to be postponed, but the Chinese team’s preparation plan remains unchanged. Even if there are no two world preliminaries in October, Li Tie will still gather players from the end of September to October In the first ten days of training, about two weeks of training.

Due to the epidemic, FIFA President Infantino stated a few days ago that he considered the postponement of the top 40 match again. FIFA will announce the new top 40 schedules in the next few days. The Chinese Football Association has reserved time for the Chinese team to train and participate in the top 40 matches when arranging the Super League schedule. That is, after the end of the first stage of the Super League on September 28, there is almost a two-month interval for the Chinese team. Of course, it also includes President Infantino, but the secondary is mainly to “make way” for the Chinese team.

According to the plan discussed by the Chinese Football Association and Li Tie, regardless of whether FIFA decides to postpone the top 40 matches again, the new training session of the Chinese team will be held on time after the end of the first stage of the Chinese Super League. It will be confirmed in the near future that the training location will be where. As of the fourth round of the Super League, Li Tie has been investigating the performance of the players in the Suzhou Division and drawing up a new training list.

The more eye-catching list of the Chinese team’s new training camp is the naturalized players. In the last session of the national team training, Li Tie revealed that Alan, a naturalized player who planned to call in Beijing Guoan, later gave up because he was still abroad. In this training session, Li Tie is likely to call Alan into the team for inspection, provided that Alan has no major injuries.

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