Why is Sun Yang's suspension period shortened?

Clippers star Coway – Leonard and jazz G4 injury to the knee, has been absent since. His contract with the clippers is due to expire next year, but the player option for next season is $36.02 million. So far, Lyon has not decided whether to implement the player option.

According to Kevin O’Connor of the ring, a US media reporter, a number of alliance sources revealed that lone ranger and heat plan to vigorously promote the introduction of Leonard. The Knicks will also pursue any possible superstar. If Leonard chooses to test the free market, there will be a series of pursuers who will at least try.

Due to the existence of Dong Qiqi and the ability of team management to create top salary space, lone ranger is considered by some executives to be the most threatening team to get Leonard. During his years with Nike, Leonard built a good relationship with Nick Harrison, an executive who recently became the general manager of lone ranger.

As for the heat, Leonard recruited Butler to go to the Clippers before joining hands with George, but he failed in the end.

Still, there are signs that Leonard might stay. In March, he bought a $17.1 million luxury home in Los Angeles. Although the purchase of a luxury home does not guarantee that he will renew his contract with the team, a number of league sources said that Leonard does not need to travel by helicopter from his home in San Diego. Leonard has a $6.7 million penthouse near Staples Center. Investing so much money in a house is at least acknowledging the possibility that he plans to stay in Los Angeles.

In this year’s playoffs, Leonard averaged 30.4 points, 7.7 rebounds, 4.4 assists, 2.1 steals, and shot 57.3%.

By Ethan