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Sisypus, the Greek god, often ran to the toilet during games.
As we all know, tennis, like golf, started out as a royal sport. However, with the rapid development of The Times, tennis gradually became popular all over the world and was recognized by the public as the second largest ball game in the world.

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However, due to the special nature of the sport, many netizens know little about the rules of tennis matches and even wonder why there are clear rules for players to use the bathroom.
One of tennis’s many rules is rather strange: if a player needs to go to the bathroom during a match, he must be accompanied by a staff member.
Unlike sports like soccer, basketball and table tennis, soccer and basketball have strict time limits. Even if there is extra time, the game can end within a specified time, usually around two hours. Although there is no strict time limit for table tennis competition, under normal circumstances, half an hour or less can be finished.

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