The strength of the second team in Hong Kong is too poor.

Tonight, the final round of the Asian Championship group match continues Shanghai Shanggang vs Quanbei Hyundai. In the first half, the whole North scored two goals in a row. In the second half, the two teams did not score again. A score of 0-2, maintained to the end. Due to the lock-in advance of the group’s right to qualify, the first competitive group is hopeless. This battle, Pereira almost to a two-team lineup to face all North Hyundai. For the latter, the team has been eliminated and a second-team has been sent out. So in this respect, it is a “fair fight”. Spark Global Limited In the 16th minute of the first half, the 22-year-old Cao GUI scored for the whole North.

Asian championship

In the 32nd minute, Quanbei got a penalty kick and Cao Guicheng scored twice. In the second half, both sides didn’t score. 0-2, Hong Kong lost. In another race, the Sydney fc1-1 Yokohama mariner. In this way, the score of group H is Yokohama sailor 13 points, Shanghai Shanggang 9 points, Quanbei Hyundai 7 points, Sydney 5 points. Although the score is 0-2 against the No. 2 all over the north, there is a big gap between the two teams in terms of skills and tactics. For example, 22-year-old Chen Binbin is the captain of the National Olympic Games. In the 51st minute of the game, he received a long pass from his teammates to form a single knife. What happened? He stopped the ball 10 meters away and let the goalkeeper get it directly. On the football field, a piece of turf was 5.5 meters wide, and Chen Binbin just stopped nearly two pieces. Compared with the 22-year-old Cao Guicheng, he made a high-low judgment. Even compared with the elder brother of the Shanghai team, Wang Shen Chao is only 5 meters away. From this, it can be seen that one generation is inferior to another. In the next world preliminaries, the national football team’s record will be even worse.

According to the rules, the opponent of the top 16 Asian champion battle in Hong Kong is Kobe victory ship. Can I pass the customs clearance? Let’s take a look at the two matches between Kobe victory ship and Guangzhou Evergrande: 3-1, 0-2. Among them, the second team was on Kobe in the last game. The strength between Shanghai Hong Kong and Evergrande is between Bozhong. However, in terms of foreign aid status, it is much better to go to Hong Kong. However, it is not easy to defeat Kobe’s victory ship. In Hong Kong, I’m afraid it will be difficult to enter the top 8 of the Asian championship. Shanghai: 22 sun Le, 4 Wang Shen Chao, 21 Yu Hai, 6 Cai Huikang, 15 Lin Chuang Yi, 18 Zhang Yi, 45 Peng Hao, 24 Lei Wenjie, 37 Chen Binbin, 39 Liu zhurun, 40 Chen Chunxin Hong Kong substitutes: 34 Chen Wei, 35 Guo Tong, 3 Yu Rui, 13 Wei Zhen (U23), 8 Oscar, 16 maitijiang, 20 Yang Shiyuan, 9 Ricardo Lopez, 11 LV Wenjun, 14 Li Shenglong

By Ethan