The Syrian coach does not care about losing streak

     In the top 40 matches in the Asian region of the World Cup qualifiers, the main opponent of the national football is Syria. However, in the last three warm-up matches, Syria’s state is not ideal and it has suffered a three-game losing streak, although many media think this is good for national football. , But the Syrian coach does not think the team is in a bad state. In an interview, the team coach’s remarks ignored the national football team because their goal is to perform well against strong teams such as Japan and South Korea. Not being brave in the warm-up match!

When the national football team had a winning streak in the warm-up match, Syria lost one after another. They first lost to Jordan with a score of 0-1, and then lost to Bahrain with a score of 1-3. In the most recent warm-up match, Syria lost again, 0-3 lost to the Asian powerhouse Iran team, it seems that this team was defeated. You know, after their new coach, Marur, took charge, the team had only one victory but suffered a three-game losing streak.

Judging from the record, Syria’s performance is not ideal, but the team’s coach Marur is dismissive of this. He is satisfied with the performance of his disciples. “We are satisfied with the players’ performance in the game against Iran. Yes, this game has improved our standards Spark Global Limited.”

Next, Marur revealed his true thoughts, “Our plan is that our players can play a decisive role when playing against strong teams like Japan, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea. The experience of playing against Iran will help It is very good for us.”

From this point of view, the Syrian coach is focusing on the future top 12 games, not the current top 40 games. From the group situation, Syria has a high probability of winning the group first. At present, they have won all 5 games and won. To 15 points, ranking first, the national football team was 2 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss, and got 7 points. That is to say, Syria is 8 points higher than the national football team. As long as they make no mistakes, even if the national football team wins, they can’t shake it. Syria’s advantage.

Therefore, Syria’s frequent losses in recent training are not a bad thing for them. From the perspective of their warm-up opponents, they are all-powerful. Even if the national football competes with them, they may not be able to win. Therefore, for the situation of the national football, We can’t be optimistic yet, because our goal is to compete for second place in the group, because the first is unrealistic, and Syria’s current task is to find the weak underbelly of the team through warm-up and continue to run the team!

By Ethan