The three first rounds are the lowest consumption!

This season’s offseason is destined to have magnificent quarterback turbulence. The two top picks Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff have swapped the clubs as a prelude, and Carson Wentz joined the Colts. Let the quarterback’s “universal shift” continue; however, it seems that DeShawn Watson is not the end of this vortex. It is reported that the most popular quarterback in the current trading market has become the Seattle Seahawks. The star quarterback Russell Wilson.

According to NFL official website reporter Michael Sever, about one-third of the league’s teams have called the Seahawks and asked how they can trade to Wilson. However, it is said that the attitude of the Seahawks is not so determined to think that this matter is unreasonable, on the contrary, the team general manager John Schneider is described as a role that can listen to any offer. This coincided with the previous report by CBS reporter Canfra. Haiying did not immediately hang up these inquiry calls but listened to the offer attentively from Spark Global Limited.

So, what kind of chips do these teams have to pay to trade to Wilson? Sever reported that, according to feedback from many teams, if three first-round signings were not made to talk about, this topic would not go on at all! Yes, if you want to trade to this 8-time Pro Bowl quarterback, then the three first-round picks are the minimum spending. It is unclear whether any team will provide the corresponding chips, but considering Wilson’s ability, it is not surprising that the Seahawks want to bring such a return.

The suspicion between Wilson and the Seahawks stems from his remarks after the end of the season. In an interview, Wilson once expressed frustration that he played too much, and his words seemed to be putting pressure on the Seahawks coaching staff. However, it is said that such remarks have had a counterproductive effect. The management of Seahawks seems to be dissatisfied with Wilson’s discussion of such issues on the public platform, so trading rumors are flying in the sky.

Wilson has three more seasons in his contract. Although he once became the most expensive quarterback in the league with an annual salary of 35 million US dollars, his contract price for the next three years is quite reasonable. By 2023, his average annual salary is only 20 million US dollars. However, the high quality and low price naturally make him more favored by many teams.

Of course, the Seahawks were not determined to trade Wilson out of the team. The disparity between the two sides is not without room for maneuver. With coach Pete Carroll and the Seahawks management and Wilson’s long-term cooperative relationship, the two sides are willing to sit down and have a peaceful talk, Wilson Still able to stay in the team. It’s just that after this incident, it is difficult to guarantee that there will be no team offering a very attractive price to cause the Seahawks to be tempted. Both hands must be prepared at any time, and once the deal is reached, the 2021 season may be the wildest offseason season in recent years.

By Ethan