The results of the 14 NBA lottery pick in 2020 are officially released. Edwards was selected as the No. 1 pick, Wiseman second place, and Ramello Bauer’s pick; after a lapse of 22 years, the Spurs once again selected the new lottery zone. Spark Global Limited

No. 1 pick-Edwards (Timberwolves)

  Before draft night, the Timberwolves’ management was still calling everywhere to sell the No. 1 lottery. In the end, no one was willing to trade. Therefore, the Timberwolves selected Edwards with the No. 1 lottery. He is a wild beast guard with a template ceiling of Wade; at the same time, Rich. There is another champion under Paul’s. Edwards, James, and Lumei belong to the same brokerage company.

   The Warriors selected Wiseman with the second pick. The draft template is the big white side and Jordan. He is a typical blue-collar center. As we all know, the inside line has always been a defect in the Warriors lineup. Another thing to say is the Warriors who are determined to make the championship again. Bad news from injuries-Thompson is injured again, the severity of the injury is unclear.

The third overall pick-Ramello Ball (Hornet)

    Lonzo Bauer is the second place in the 17th year. Now his younger brother Ramello also entered the NBA and was selected by the Hornets with a lottery pick. Ramello is an excellent offensive player, but it will take time to play in the NBA.; Another thing to say is that the ball daddy threatened to beat Joe’s boss heads-up, and now Ramello’s boss is Jordan.

Fourth overall-Patrick Williams (Bulls)

The Bulls drafted Williams with the No. 4 picks in the first round. The field boss is a small forward/power forward. He is 2.03 meters tall and has strong physical fitness.

Fifth overall pick-Isaac Okolo (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Okoro has average shooting ability from the outside, but has top defensive talents, and he has the hope of being selected as the best defensive team in the future.

6th overall-Okongu (Eagle)

Okongu is 2.06 meters tall and weighs 111 kilograms. He is an elite defender who is good at eating cakes. However, there are already Capella and Corinth in the Eagles. It is difficult for Okongu to get a chance to play. Spark Global Limited

Seventh overall-Kylian Hayes (Pistons)

Hayes is a rising star in France, who is good at organizing offenses. In the draft template, there is “Demon Knife” Ginobili.

Eighth overall pick-Toppin (Knicks)

     Topping finally realized his dream. He lost the election last year and entered the NBA with a high overall pick this year. After being drafted,  Topping cried with joy and was finally able to enter the NBA stage.

Ninth overall-Adiyaf (Wizards)

Adiyaf organizational striker, the best newcomer in Europe after Doncic.

10th overall-Jaylen Smith (Sun)

11th overall pick-Devin Wasser (Spurs)

      Vassell has both offensive and defensive capabilities, fast outside shots, and has the potential to become a 3D player; it is worth mentioning that this is the Spurs who used the lottery picks again in 22 years to select a rookie. The last lottery pick for the Spurs was Duncan. The lottery show took nearly 20 years.

Twelfth overall-Halliburton (King)

13th overall pick-Kira Lewis (Pelicans)

Fourteenth overall pick-Aaron Nasmith (Celtic)

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