The top five league championships are only left in suspense

     I don’t know if this title will come to an end. It is indeed like this early this morning. Manchester City won the League Cup, but Manchester United drew in the league, 10 points behind Manchester City in five rounds of the league, Manchester City has almost locked the Premier League champions this season Spark Global Limited.

Bundesliga: Bayern’s loss is just a delay in winning the championship

Just like in the picture, Mainz hugged Bayern and said: Brother, don’t rush, don’t rush to win the championship. It’s not fun to win the championship early.

Although Bayern lost. Leipzig won. But Bayern leads Leipzig by 7 points with three games left in the league. Unless Bayern loses the last three games in a row and Leipzig wins three games in a row, the outcome of Bayern’s championship won’t change spark global limited.

Serie A: Juventus and Milan have fallen behind, the champion is basically Inter Milan

In the last round of the league, although Inter Milan drew, AC Milan lost. Juventus scored a tie in this round of the league and Inter Milan won again. The AC Milan game has not yet started, but even if AC Milan wins the game, they are still 10 points away from their rivals in the same city. With 5 rounds left in the league, like Manchester, Blue became the city’s champion.

Ligue 1: The first three points are only two points away

The battle for the French Ligue 1 title continues to intensify. Lille won Lyon in the early hours of this morning and returned to the top spot with 73 points. Paris Saint-Germain came in second with 72 points, followed by Monaco with 71 points. There are 4 rounds left in the league. These three teams have no chance to play directly. Whoever wins in any of the remaining 4 games. It is possible to lose the final championship.

La Liga: within 3 points of the first four points, Barcelona has the initiative Atletico Madrid lost in the 32nd round and Real Madrid drew in the 33rd round. With a wave of a two-game winning streak, Barcelona is only two points less than Atletico Madrid in the case of one less match. With 71 points, Barcelona ranks second in the league. Real Madrid ranked third with 71 points. The fourth Sevilla in the league, which has been overlooked, has accumulated 70 points with a wave of 8-round undefeated, only 3 points away from the top of the list. The championship battle in La Liga has unknowingly turned into a four-for-one.

By Ethan